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Confucius Institute at University of Latvia smoothly held the third online HSK examination in 2021

Confucius Institute at University of Latvia smoothly held the third online HSK examination in 2021

On Saturday, December 11, 2021, the third annual Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) in Latvia officially started. Same as the first test in 2021, this is an online test. Although affected by the continuous impact of the epidemic, students still continue learning Chinese online, and the demand of Chinese learners in Latvia for the HSK test has never been interrupted. Registration for the HSK test started on October 18, 2021. As of November 25, 2021, a total of 16 students have signed up, including two for HSK1, two for HSK2, two for HSK3, five for HSK4, two for HSK5, and two for Oral Chinese Proficiency Test (HSKK for short). The HSK test is always done by adhering to the principle of fairness and openness. Students use the test client dedicated to Chinese Testing International to answer the questions and use the camera to take a snapshot in real time; the teachers use the ZOOM conference software to record the whole process as the second camera for invigilating.

In order to ensure the smooth development of the home-based online test, Shang Quanyu,  Chinese director of Confucius Institute at University of Latvia, has been actively organizing online test training for all invigilators since September this year, and invited the experienced teacher Bai Bingyu as the chief examiner, to guarantee that all arrangements for the exam, including the allocation of invigilators, technical support, and instant translation, are in place. The HSK test was conducted in three sessions, at 14:00 on December 4, 2021, Beijing time, the invigilators used the ZOOM conference software and the HSK test client to conduct a mock test. After the test, they reflected on their work and reminded the candidates one by one the personal matters that should be paid attention to.

At 14:00 on Saturday, December 11, 2021, Beijing time, all invigilators and candidates for HSK Level 2 and 4 entered the ZOOM conference software. Invigilators connected with the different levels of HSK test respectively to help candidates log in to the test system and checked the test equipment. The chief examiner read out the test instructions and checked the candidates’ information one by one. The first online HSK 2 and 4 tests conducted on time at 15:00 in the afternoon. On the same day, at 18:30 p.m. Beijing time, all invigilators and candidates for HSK5, HSK3, and HSK1 entered the ZOOM conference software to complete the pre-test inspection work. At 19:30 p.m. Beijing time, the second session——HSK5, HSK3, and HSK1 exams started smoothly. The last one is the HSKK(Intermediate Level)Test. The pre-test debugging and inspection work was carried out 1 hour in advance, after those, it was also successfully carried out at 22:30 in the evening Beijing time. During the exam, the invigilators followed the principle of speediness and accuracy, and tried their best to solve the problems in time for the candidates.

With the escort of the teachers of the Confucius Institute and the technical support of Chinese Testing International, the HSK overseas test site of Confucius Institute at University of Latvia’s home-based online test came to a successful conclusion. Every Chinese learner’s love for Chinese is the driving force for our Chinese teachers to move forward. In the future, the Confucius Institute will continue to provide students with better Chinese courses, continue to provide test takers with more convenient and better test services. Finally, we wish every candidate achieve their ideal results!





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