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Chinese Beginners’ Class of Ventspils University’s lifelong learning Center Starts as Scheduled

Chinese Beginners’ Class of Ventspils University’s lifelong learning Center Starts as Scheduled

On the evening of October 19th in Latvia, adult students from the Lifelong Learning Center of Ventspils University shown up as scheduled and started the first Chinese class with volunteer teacher Guo Mengran.

The students in the adult class include teachers and engineers, who shine in their respective professional positions gathered in the zoom platform because of the fate of Chinese. At the beginning of the class, volunteer teacher Guo Mengran first introduced himself and said hello to everyone, and then classmates also introduced each other. Everyone has a certain connection with China, Chinese, and Chinese people in their lives. The teacher is very happy to see that they are willing to learn Chinese in their spare time to study more about China.

After everyone made a simple self-introduction, since most of the students are still starting from scratch and do not have any Chinese learning experience and do not know much about China, therefore the teacher showed everyone a promotional video of China’s image, in order to providing the students with an initial impression of this mysterious oriental country that blends ancient and modern elements. Then the teacher started the formal teaching with some simple Chinese greetings. After learning the basic greetings, everyone felt a sense of accomplishment and expressed that they could not wait to learn more.

In addition to the basic greeting teaching, the teacher also introduced the HSK curriculum system to everyone, and led the students to learn the initials, vowels and tones, and practice them from the basic content and components of Pinyin. At the end of the class, the teacher asked the students to practice more pinyin. With the blessing of pinyin, they can quickly learn vocabulary and grammar. The teacher believes that everyone can gain more sense of accomplishment in future classes.

After class, the teacher established contact with the students through the Moodle learning management platform, and uploaded the review and preview materials, which can facilitate the students to study anytime and anywhere. Looking forward to the next class!







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