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Ventspils University’s Chinese Beginners’ Class Starts as Scheduled

Ventspils University’s Chinese Beginners’ Class Starts as Scheduled

On the evening of October 14th in Latvia, the students of Ventspils University finally ushered in the first Chinese class of this semester. The students’ enthusiasm for learning Chinese was very high. A total of 20 students chose to register for Chinese classes and entered the zoom platform on time. They started their Chinese journey this semester with Guo Mengran, a volunteer Chinese teacher.

At the beginning of the class, volunteer teacher Guo Mengran first introduced himself and greeted everyone. As an online teaching, 20 students can be regarded as a big class, so the students also introduced each other immediately. The teacher learned that among 20 lovely students ranging from freshman to junior year and from different majors, some students said because they are interested in Chinese, so they chose Chinese as a course; some students found it very interesting to meet Chinese people because of their experience of previous work, so they came to learn Chinese; and also some students have self-learned Chinese experience, and even dabbled in many Asian languages. As they already have some foundation, they expressed their desire to continue learning Chinese, so they came to the Chinese class.

After everyone made a simple self-introduction, since most of the students are still starting from scratch and do not have any Chinese learning experience and do not know much about China, therefore the teacher showed everyone a promotional video of China’s image, in order to providing the students with an initial impression of this mysterious oriental country that blends ancient and modern elements. Then the teacher carried out a quiz activity with some simple Chinese greetings and knowledge of Chinese culture, which brought the students into Chinese learning in the new semester.

In this class, in addition to the basic greeting teaching, the teacher led everyone to understand the basic content and components of Pinyin. Using humorous homophones such as “shuǐjiǎo and shuìjiào”, “xióngmāo and xiōngmáo”, the teacher showed the students the role of tones in Chinese, and practiced Chinese tones together. At the end of the class, the teacher ended the first lesson with Li Ziqi’s Oriental Intangible Cultural Heritage Video Series “Movable Type Printing”. The students lamented the magic of ancient Chinese inventions.

After class, the teacher also established contact with the students through WhatsApp. The students sent the content of the first class to the teacher in the form of voice. Seeing that all the students were able to learn Chinese so actively, we believe this semester Chinese class will be a happy time!






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