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“Water and Color Love Song” Painting Exhibition in Golden Autumn

“Water and Color Love Song” Painting Exhibition in Golden Autumn

This September 12th and November 4th witness “The 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Latvia and the People’s Republic of China”and “The 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of Confucius Institute at University of Latvia”, therefore as early as in last year The Chinese Painting Studio “Flying Brush” (Head of the Studio Jekaterina Belayeva), The National Library of Latvia (Head of the AsiaRes Reading Room Jekaterina Pavlova) and Confucius Institute at University of Latvia (Chinese Director Shang Quanyu) started to discuss about holding this painting exhibition to memorize the two milestone events in the history of the relationship between Latvia and China.This is the fourth time that the above three sides have cooperated in holding Chinese painting exhibition.

This exhibition entitled Water and Color Love Song is displayed in the Baltic Research Center for East Asian Studies (AsiaRes) Reading Room (M floor) of the National Library of Latvia (LNL) from September 15 to December 30, 2021. Despite the pandemic, Flying Brush has been continuing its online work and students continue to learn two basic styles of Chinese painting. This time, the exhibition features works that are mostly made in the style of fine brushes or gunbi.These are long and happy hours that the artists spend working on each line and color.The head of the studio, Jekaterina Belayeva, is convinced that delving into the pleasant activity of painting made it easier for students to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic.With their works of art, the authors invite the viewer to experience the magic of water and color.



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