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The Chinese Language Course of the Adults Junior Group at LUCI Successfully Ended

The Chinese Language Course of the Adults Junior Group at LUCI Successfully Ended

On June 21 and 22, local time, the final summary of Chinese course in the 2020-2021 academic year of the adult junior group of the LUCI was successfully carried out on the Tencent conference platform. The summary is divided into four parts: Chinese learning, student summary, teacher commendation and group photo.

In the part of Chinese learning, Teacher Zhu Bofan led the students to review the knowledge points of the textbook “HSK standard course 1”. Basically, all the students can accurately recall what they learned before. In the part of students’ summary, they generally think that through this semester’s study, they have made great progress in all aspects, but they are still at the primary level, and all aspects need to be further improved; As for learning objectives, they hope to pass HSK6 / 3, and some students hope to be fluent in Chinese; In terms of suggestions, group 1 students hope that teachers can assign more homework; Group 2 students said that through one year’s study, they can read and understand some Chinese in the video, but hope that in the future teaching, they can organize more teaching materials, such as watching video retelling, or reading some short articles; Some students hope that there will be a small test after each lesson to test the learning effect of this lesson; Everyone generally hope to learn more about Chinese characters. Generally speaking, they are very satisfied with the teaching of this semester and the teaching method of the teacher. Some students think that the teacher is not only teaching knowledge and grammar, but also making them keep practicing to let them know how to use such sentences and how to express them. This is very good. The students hope to continue learning Chinese with teacher Zhu Bofan. In the part of teacher commendation, teacher Zhu Bofan designed a certificate to affirm the students’ Chinese learning performance since this academic year with such words as “star of leap, star of innovation, star of diligence, star of wisdom, star of learning and star of thinking”. Through this year’s study, the students really achieved a leap from 0 to 1, or more progress. The students expressed their gratitude to the teacher, and the teacher also appreciated the students’ persistence and love.

Finally, teacher and students take a group photo, hoping that students can continue to learn Chinese, like Chinese, further improve the level of Chinese, understand Chinese culture more deeply.




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