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Congratulations on the new year and the year of the ox!

Congratulations on the new year and the year of the ox!

The sound of firecrackers in addition to one-year-old, the spring breeze warm wine into house.In order to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Spring Festival, Confucius Classroom at Daugavpils University carried out cultural courses with the theme of Spring Festival from February 12 to February 18, local time, relying on the Zoom platform.

In the culture class of sophomore students, Wu Yanli, the volunteer Chinese teacher, gave a detailed introduction to this most traditional and grand festival in China, which was divided into three parts: before, on the day and after the Spring Festival. For example, when introducing the activities before the Spring Festival, teacher Wu Yanli introduced the activities of “Spring Festival travel rush”, buying new year’s goods, cleaning and pasting Spring Festival couplets; when introducing the activities on New Year’s Eve, she introduced the traditions of eating reunion dinner, watching Spring Festival celebration gala and setting off fireworks;when introducing the activities on the first day of the new year, she introduced the customs of paying New Year’s calls, receiving red envelopes and visiting relatives. With interesting and real documentary videos, teacher Wu Yanli vividly narrated the colorful activities during the Spring Festival, and the students listened with great interest. In the language class of sophomores, Gao Qing, the volunteer Chinese teacher, combined language with culture, so that students could experience the authentic Chinese style New Year greeting while understanding the Spring Festival customs. She made a variety of “online red envelopes”. Each red envelope with a cute calf pattern had a authentic Chinese Spring Festival blessing voice. Students not only received sincere blessings from teachers, but also learned how to express them and passed them on to more people.

In the third year class, the volunteer Chinese teacher Gao Qing, not only introduced the origin and customs of the Spring Festival to the students, but also shared the popular new year song “Congratulations” with the students and appreciated the ancient poem “Yuanri”, which expresses hope. Through a variety of audio-visual materials, teachers and students together sensed the importance of the Spring Festival in the long history of the Chinese nation, and deepened the understanding that the Spring Festival not only means reunion, but also represents looking back and departure. The teacher and students also watched the wonderful programs of the online Spring Festival celebration gala of Confucius Institute at University of Latvia and the 2021 CCTV Spring Festival celebration gala.

Students laughed together in the online classroom.Although thousands of miles apart from each other, we feel the unique cultural charm of the Spring Festival. We are looking forward to the reunion in the next spring festival. Here we wish you all the best in the year of the ox!





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