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Teachers and students of Riga 64 Secondary School celebrate the Spring Festival and welcome the Year of the Ox!

Teachers and students of Riga 64 Secondary School celebrate the Spring Festival and welcome the Year of the Ox!

From February 4 to 12, 2021, Riga 64 Secondary School ushered in online culture courses with the theme of “Spring Festival” in a joyous atmosphere. This “Spring Festival” cultural course mainly includes three parts: the origin of the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival customs and the 12 zodiac signs.

Affected by the epidemic, the “Spring Festival” theme of the cultural classes were given online .Despite the distance of thousands of miles, thanks to various distance teaching resources, teachers and students in front of the screen can still feel the strong “New Year flavor”.

In order to let the students have a deeper understanding of the origin of the Spring Festival,Fu Jin’er, the volunteer Chinese teacher, played two cartoon vides that vividly tells the origin of the Spring Festival in an easy and interesting way. The students are very interested in it.

Ms. Fu explained the traditional Spring Festival customs in detail , such as “sweeping the dust”, “eating New Year’s dinner”, “setting off firecrackers”, “pasting Spring Festival couplets” and “staying up for the New Year”, and showed the students red lanterns, “Fu”character, couplets and red envelopes, so that they could understand the long history and cultural connotation behind these Spring Festival customs.

Quite a few students are interested in the Chinese zodiac, they found it really interesting to associate their birthdays with zodiac signs,namely 12 animals.Some students also checked their own zodiac signs in advance, when the teacher talked about their own zodiac signs in class,they can’t wait to speak it out.And they felt particularly happy being praised.This kind of active learning attitude is positive.

In addition, the students of Riga 64 Secondary School also actively studied the New Year’s greetings and recorded the Latvian Spring Festival Gala greetings video online. In the greetings, we welcomed a fabulous new year.

Wish everyone a happy “Niu” year!







在此祝愿大家新春快乐!牛年大吉!Happy “牛”Year!

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