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Confucius Institute at University of Latvia holds a discussion on “Fellow-villager Anze”

Confucius Institute at University of Latvia holds a discussion on “Fellow-villager Anze”

On September 10, 2020, the Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia held a discussion on ” Fellow-villager Anze”. Anzelika Smirnova graduated from the University of Latvia with a major in Chinese. She is a student of Professor Pildegovics, Latvian Director of the Confucius Institute. After participating in the Chinese Bridge competition, Anzelika studied in China and worked as a TV host. ” Fellow-villager Anze” is published by Jiangxi Education Press and is the first book written in Chinese by Latvians. This book has been translated into Latvian and will be published by Latvian University Press.

The two directors of the Confucius Institute, Professor Pildegovics and Professor Shang Quanyu, introduced the story of Anzelika and their thoughts after reading this book. First of all, the title and cover design of this book are very attractive. The author Anzelika is standing in the golden rice field illuminated by the setting sun and she looks very happy. The scene is warm and romantic. What exactly is written in the book ” Fellow-villager Anze”? Readers can’t wait to find out. Secondly, the text expression is very smooth, the writing style is vivid and interesting, catchy, fresh, natural, beautiful, and humorous, using anthropomorphic metaphors, giving people a wonderful text and language enjoyment. Thirdly, the content is rich and touching. Taking the rural theme as the topic, it describes the theme of China’s rural revitalization and new rural construction. What is written in the book is the author’s personal experience, real examples, vivid stories, full of true feelings, and full of nostalgia and local feelings. Finally, the book not only contains real examples and vivid stories, but also has real feelings. It is also interspersed with Anzelika’s own stories and Latvian stories. It is moving and rewarding.

Jiangxi Education Publishing House has published many excellent books in recent years, and ” Fellow-villager Anze” is one of them. We believe that this book will be widely welcomed by readers.





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