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Chinese New Year Event was Held in Confucius Classroom at Daugavpils University

Chinese New Year Event was Held in Confucius Classroom at Daugavpils University




At 5:30pm local time on February 10th, 2020, the the Spring Festival Event was successfully held in Confucius Classroom at Daugavpils University. The first-year students of Daugavpils University, interest classes, and two Chinese teachers participated in the event.

First of all, students stuck paper-cuts with “Spring” and “Panda” patterns on the windows with the feelings of the festive atmosphere. Then, the Chinese teacher taught everyone to read out “Happy New Year” and “Happy Spring Festival” in Chinese and sent festival wishes. The teacher firstly demonstrated how to kick a shuttlecock, and then the students were divided into two groups to compete. After the competition, two Chinese teachers gave everyone a New Year gift. Later, teachers and students came to a Chinese restaurant and started making dumplings. The students rolled the dough and made dumplings by themselves. Finally, everybody tasted dumplings and experienced the traditional customs of the Chinese New Year. When the event finished, everyone took a group photo together.

This Spring Festival event would allow students to experience Chinese culture and the festival atmosphere through traditional customs such as paper-cuts for window decoration, shuttlecocks and dumplings.

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