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LUCI Held 2018–2019 New Semester Opening Ceremony

LUCI Held 2018–2019 New Semester Opening Ceremony





In the golden autumn season, At 18:00 on September 8th, the 2018—2019 LUCI new semester opening ceremony was held.Prof Peteris Pildgovics,Latvian-side Director of LUCI, Prof. Shang Quanyu, Chinese-side Director of LUCI, Laura Zatina, LUCI secretary, Chinese Teacher Ms. Dong Fang,Ms.Wang Qiongzi, Volunteer Chinese Teachers Teng Fei,Lin Jie, Zou Yaping,Che Junchi,Chen Ying,Huang Tianqi,Lian Juan,Lin Yingxian,Wang Xin,Pan Fanchen,and students in the classes of all levels with their parents attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Volunteer Chinese Teachers Teng Fei and Lin Jie, The ceremony was divided into three parts:the speech by Professor Shang Quanyu and Professor Peteris Pildgovics,and the self-introduction of teachers of LUCI,and answering questions to the parents and students.

In the first part of the ceremony, the two deans introduced to the students the development of LUCI and the major events planned by LUCI,including the course arrangement, Chinese Bridge Competition, Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), summer camps,scholarships,and other events about to be held,and they invited all the students to participate in the upcoming activities. The two deans also expressed their enthusiasm for helping every student who loves Chinese and Chinese culture to complete their dream. They expressed their earnest expectations to the students.

Then, Volunteer Chinese Teachers Teng Fei,Lin Jie, Zou Yaping introduced the curriculum and teaching plan. All three teachers said that they will spare no effort to help students learn Chinese and make progress together.

Finally, in the Q&A session, LUCI secretary Laura Zatina, and Confucius Institute teachers answered  questions patiently, All the students actively participated the ceremony,so the atmosphere was very warm.

Although students are of different ages and careers, they have a common characteristic: having great passion on Chinese and hoping to learn Chinese and understand more about China.


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