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2018 Chinese summer camp of Confucius Institute at Latvia University was rounded off

2018 Chinese summer camp of Confucius Institute at Latvia University was rounded off






On July 22, 2018 Beijing time, Chinese summer camp of Confucius Institute at Latvia University was rounded off in Beijing. In the nearly two-week summer camp, all 19 campers from the Latvian summer camp, under the leadership of the team leader, experienced traditional cultures such as Tai Chi, pottery and making dumplings in China, and also visited the major attractions in Guangzhou and Beijing, experienced the unique charm of Chinese culture in close quarters.

During the cultural experience in Guangzhou, all the activities were successfully held under the careful organization and exquisitely arrangement of the school. A series of compact and logical schedules made the students feel fresh and rewarding. In the morning, they just finished studying the cultural course about Guangzhou cuisine. In the afternoon, they can personally walk into the old Guangzhou to experience the morning tea culture in Guangzhou. The campers were impressed by the exquisite style, delicious taste and rich variety of Guangzhou morning tea.

The second stop of the summer camp came to the capital Beijing. The campers visited Tiananmen Square, the Palace Museum, the Confucius Institute Headquarters, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and other historical and cultural attractions, experienced the old Beijing Hutong culture in more depth. While visiting the Beijing Si He Yuan, they were fortunate enough to experience the joy of making dumplings. In addition, the campers were invited to participate in the opening ceremony of “2018 Summer Camp from 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe” in China. At the ceremony, the ” Peking Opera ” performance of the campers’ energetic and imposing style caused thunderous applause.

It is worth mentioning that during the summer camp in China, it coincided with the birthday of a camper’s 18-year-old adult. All the campers arranged a birthday party, prepared a birthday cake, celebrated her birthday and left her a birthday. A unique and memorable birthday.

After the summer camp, the campers said that they felt the unique charm of Chinese culture in this summer camp and harvested rich friendships and memories. They will continue to learn Chinese in the future and better understand China.























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