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Telling Chinese Story, Experiencing Chinese Culture

Telling Chinese Story, Experiencing Chinese Culture

3月28号晚上7点“讲述中国故事,领略中国文化”汉语角活动在“ķīniešu bistro” 饭店(Tallinas iela 54)举行。大家先各自聊了一下,然后品尝了一些中国的美食,最后每个人都读了自己精心准备的一个故事。参加活动的有刚学一个月的初学者,也有学了很长时间的老朋友,当然还有中国老师、志愿者和一些中国的朋友。


On the 28th of March in the “Ķīniešu bistro” Chinese restaurant once again was held the Chinese corner event. This time topic of Chinese corner was “Story”. Everyone needed to prepare and tell a simple story in Chinese. When event started everybody was casually talking to each other, after some time participants were treated to delicious Chinese food, and in the end, everyone had told their story. Different people participated in this event, some of them have just started learning Chinese, some of them were learning and practicing Chinese for quite a long time, and of course, there were Chinese teachers, volunteers and some of our Chinese friends.

During this event Chinese learners got to know different Chinese stories. There were easy to comprehend fairytales, such as “The Turnip”, there were rich philosophic stories of Chinese idioms, fable of “Crow and a Fox”, stories that made people scared and terrified, and of course the event would not be complete without interesting and funny stories. These stories evoked whole spectre of emotions: made guests inspired, made them laugh, sad for a moment or even made extremely nervous. The event had cheerful and friendly atmosphere till the very end.

And participants have already chosen topic of “Ghost story” for the next Chinese corner. Next time we hope to see more Chinese students and Chinese friends on the Chinese corner.

























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