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Confucius Classroom at Daugavpils University Celebrated Chinese Spring Festival

Confucius Classroom at Daugavpils University Celebrated Chinese Spring Festival





Local time at 22nd February afternoon, students and volunteer teachers of Confucius classroom at Daugavpils University celebrated the Chinese Spring Festival. According to Chinese tradition, the two teachers gifted students with red envelopes which carrying all their best wishes for students in the new year. And after experiencing the whole process of making Chinese dumplings, students had a real bite of Chinese Spring festival.

Firstly, teacher Sun Xiao introduced a series of traditional activities about Spring Festival, granted students with red envelopes and lanterns as new year gifts, and taught students the new year’s song. Everybody wished each other a better future and fully enjoyed the joyous atmosphere.

Then teacher Bai prepared a cultural experience activity: how to make 7 types of Chinese dumplings. From rolling the flour pieces to wrapping the dumplings, everyone tried their best to create traditional shapes of dumplings. Finally they made a display of all kinds of DIY dumplings with laughter and joy.

The whole activity was held succssfully. With a better and deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture, all the teachers and students had good time together.





















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