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Chinese New Year cultural theme activities held by Smiltene Secondary school

Chinese New Year cultural theme activities held by Smiltene Secondary school




“Welcome Dog Year, celebrate the Spring Festival.” In recent days, Confucius Institutes around the world have held various forms of Chinese New Year celebrations. In a small town in northeastern of Latvia, the Chinese course at Smiltene Secondary School has become more and more popular and students are curious about Chinese culture. Local Chinese volunteer teacher Chen Fenghuang also seized the “Spring Festival” as a turning point and organized a Spring Festival cultural theme activities.

During the Spring Festival, Chen Fenghuang successively carried out the Spring Festival Culture Class with the theme of “How Many Chinese New Year’s Customs Is Known” in all classes. Through video, pictures and New Year songs,she introduced to students the origin of the Spring Festival, customs and some Spring Festival greetings language. The last part of cultural teaching, Chen Fenghuang teached the students to make red envelopes, the New Year’s greeting cards, making lanterns and make some paper-cutting ,such as the Chinese character “春” (which means spring).

Through the theme of the Spring Festival cultural experience activities, students learned about the traditional Chinese New Year customs, experience the Chinese paper-cut and other forms of culture.They had a great interest in Chinese culture, all of them are happy. Students said they really like the combination of language courses and cultures. They not only have mastered practical language expressions, but also have a deeper understanding of the connotation of Chinese Spring Festival culture.




















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