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2017 Confucius Institute Day and Mid-Autumn Day Gala Show was held in LU

2017 Confucius Institute Day and Mid-Autumn Day Gala Show was held in LU

Local time at 14:00 on September 30th in Latvia, 2017 Celebration of Confucius Institute Day and Mid-Autumn Festival Gala Show was held in the Auditorium of University of Latvia. Guests from Chinese Embassy in Latvia, Xin Hua News Agency, Latvia Chinese Association, Huawei Technology, Latvian Chinese Studies Association, Latvia Wushu Federation, guests from 16 Chinese language teaching institutions set up by Confucius Institute and guests from all walks of life were present at the celebration, with totaling more than 350 people.

Professor Peteris Pildgovics and Professor Shang Quanyu, the Latvian and Chinese Directors of the LUCI gave a warm welcome to all the guests in Latvian and Chinese. The directors said, the achievements of the Confucius Institute are inseparable from the public’s care and support, and wished that LUCI would continue to achieve better results in the future.

Then Professor Peteris Pildgovics, Mr. Huangyong, the ambassador of Chinese Embassy in Latvia and Professor Indriķis Muiznieks, the Rector of University of Latvia expressed their congratulations to the Confucius Institute Day and the blessings of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Professor Peteris Pildgovics pointed out the importance of Confucius Institute in cultivating a new generation of Chinese-speaking and Sinology talents, hoping both sides further mobilize in all aspects through the exchange of language and culture, so as to lay good foundation for bilateral cooperation in broader perspectives. Ambassador Huang said, we should stick to harmony in diversity and people to people exchange, and the Confucius Institute and Mr Peteris Pildgovics who contribute to friendly exchange between the two countries played a key role in the cultural diplomacy. He hoped that with the development of cooperation between China and Latvia, the younger generation could learn more from each other, promoting the national diplomacy as well. Professor Indriķis Muiznieks highly appreciated the achievement LUCI has made, and encouraged all the staff to continually enhance their teaching quality and improve the image of Confucius Institute, making the Institute a unique part of the Latvian universities.

In the following section, an art feast filled with Chinese and Latvian styles were put on by LUCI staff and local art organizations. Latvian Wushu Federation showed their superb martial art skills and profound Chinese Yin and Yang culture. Students from Riga 34 Secondary School danced with Chinese music “Autumn in China” and sang Latvian song “Love and care for all”. The chorus “Ozols” and “Liepa” from Latvia University of Agriculture sang traditional Latvian songs about Daugava river and Latvian poets, showing their deep feelings of motherland. A Chinese learner from Rezekne University sang the song “The gift of Casimodo” of Chinese singer Hua Chenyu, who is very popular in China. The students from Ventspils University also showed a beautiful melody “They and she”. The volunteer Chinese teachers also demonstrated their understanding about Chinese charm in singing and dancing, especially showed the traditional Chinese folk instrument “Guzheng”, “Pipa” and “Hulusi”, bringing more classic Chinese elements to the show.

After the celebration, Chinese and Latvian guests enjoyed traditional mooncakes and Chinese cuisine together in the cafeteria, and showed their blessing for a better future of Confucius Institute.
























































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