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THE 3RD CHINESE BRIDGE COMPETITION IN LATVIA ——Children Division 关于举办拉脱维亚第三届“汉语桥” 小学生中文秀的通知

THE 3RD CHINESE BRIDGE COMPETITION IN LATVIA  ——Children Division 关于举办拉脱维亚第三届“汉语桥” 小学生中文秀的通知


——Children Division

With the support of “Chinese Bridge Fund” established by Center for Language Education and Cooperation, the 3rd “Chinese Bridge” —Chinese Show for Foreign Primary School  Students in Latvia, sponsored by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Latvia, organized by Confucius Institute at University of Latvia, co-organized by Riga Cultures Secondary School, Riga Secondary School No.34, Kraslava Secondary School, Jēkabpils State Gymnasium, Riga Daugavgriva Secondary School, Riga Secondary School No.64, Riga Secondary School No.13, Riga Secondary School No.40, Riga Secondary School No.45, Montessori Elementary School “Pētnieki” will be held on April 24th , 2024(Date Updated).

 I. Purpose

The purpose of this competition is to provide a stage for primary school students learning Chinese in Latvia to demonstrate their Chinese ability, to stimulate their interest in learning Chinese, to lay a good foundation for continuous Chinese learning. In addition, the competition aims at selecting the qualified candidates for the upcoming 4th “Chinese Bridge” —Chinese Show for Foreign Primary School Students which will be held in China.

II. Theme of Competition

Chinese, Joy&Fun!

III. Eligibility

 Non-Chinese Latvian children aged 6 to 12 living in Latvia with the nationality of Latvia, whose mother tongue is not Chinese

IV.Classification of Participants and Requirements for Application

 Children division will be divided into three levels based on the contestants’ ages and their years of studying Chinese

Primary school students (under the age of 12, that is, children born on or after January 1, 2012)

(1) Primary Level: Learning Chinese less than 1 year (including 1 year). Contestants who have taken part in primary level group last year are not allowed to take part in primary level group this year, and have to apply for intermediate level or advanced level.

(2) Intermediate Level: Learning Chinese more than 1 year. Contestants who have taken part in intermediate level group last year are not allowed to take part in intermediate group this year, and have to apply for advanced level.

(3) Advanced Level: Learning Chinese more than 3 years (including 3 years). Contestants who have studied Chinese for more than 3 years, as well as contestants who participated in the Competition for Advanced Level last year. In principle, the previous global finalists (the champions of the senior group of the Latvia Division last year) cannot participate in the competition for two consecutive sessions.

V.Contents of Competition

  1. General Requirements

(1) Self-introduction;

(2) Making a Speech in Chinese (only for Intermediate and advanced level of Children division; without manuscript): It should be referred to the knowledge of Chinese language and China’s culture and situation, etc.;

(3) Chinese Talent Show: It might be one of talents show, which should be referred to China’s songs, dances, folk arts, musical instruments, calligraphy, painting, paper-cutting and Kung Fu, etc. The contestants can also show their native folk culture making use of one of Chinese Talents;

(4) Q&A (only for advanced level of Children division; related to question fixed in advance): To test the contestants’ mastery of Chinese language and Chinese culture and situation.

Here to download the reference materials for Q&A:

  1. Details

                               Children Group

Level Sessions Duration Requirement


Self-introduction 1 min   Notes:  Relevant references and reviewing materials will be published on the websites of each registry;  The content of Chinese Talent Show can be relevant to Chinese language and culture. For talent show, contestant can bring partners, but every contestant should have an independent talent show, which means one cooperative performance can’t be talent show for two contestants.
Talent Show 1-2 min



&Free Topic Speech

2 min
Talent show 1-2 min



&Free Topic Speech

2 min
Talent show 1-2 min


  1. Registration time: March21stto April 12th
  2. Registration method: Please download and fill in the registration form, and send it to the contact person’s mailbox

Here to download registration form:

  1. Contact information

Confucius Institute at University of Latvia

Contact:Hu Shirong


VII. Competition Arrangement

  1. Time: April24, 2024 (morning) (Date Updated). The detailed check-in times for different divisions will be informed to contestants in the reply email to the registration email.
  2. Location: Small auditorium on the second floor of the main building of the University of Latvia
  3. Address:Raiņa bulvāris 19, Centra rajons, Rīga


VIII. Method of Judgement

The results of the competition will be announced on the official Facebook of the Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia and the official website of the Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia on April 26. Please check it yourself.


Official Website:

IX. Award

  1. The first prize, the second prize and the third prize will be separately granted the Champion, Runner-up and Second Runner-up for each level in final competition (9in total), the superior prizes will be given to the rest of the participants in the final competition. All the recipients of the prizes will be rewarded with trophies and certificates.
  2. The champion(children born on or after January 1, 2012)of the advanced level will be recommended to participate in the global finals of the 4th “Chinese Bridge”—Chinese Show for Foreign Primary School Students. If he/she passes the qualification review of the competition organizing committee, he/she will become the finalists and represent Latvia in the global finals. The finalist can be authorized to accompany a parent as a guardian to go to China  and he/she will have the opportunity to win titles as “Little Chinese Ambassador” and “Chinese Future Star” in the global finals.

                                       The Organizing Committee of the 3rd 

“Chinese Bridge”—Chinese Show

for Foreign Primary School Students

in Latvia






  • 比赛主题

快乐中文。Chinese, Joy&Fun!







  • 中级:学习汉语1年以上的学习者,去年参加过汉语桥中级组比赛的,今年不能再报名中级组,需报名高级组;
  • 高级:学习汉语3年以上的学习者,以及去年参加过汉语桥小学生组高级组比赛的选手,上届全球决赛选手(拉脱维亚赛区高级组冠军)原则上不可连续两届参加比赛。











水平 环节 时间 要求
初级 自我介绍 1分钟 比赛演讲参考题和复习资料拟近期在各报名点网站公布,敬请关注


才艺展示 1-2分钟
中级 自我介绍+自由演讲 2分钟
才艺展示 1-2分钟
高级 自我介绍+自由演讲 2分钟
才艺展示 1-2分钟



  • 报名时间和方式







         电  邮

















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