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Riga No. 13 Middle School Chinese Class Successfully Started

Riga No. 13 Middle School Chinese Class Successfully Started

On February 6, 2023, the newly opened teaching site of the Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia, Riga 13 Secondary School, successfully started classes. The new teaching site is taught by Zhang Hanxu and Bao Chuanhui. Zhang Hanxu teaches students in grades 1-4 and grades 7-9 Chinese class, Bao Chuanhui teaches Chinese classes for grades 5-6 and grades 9-12.

The Chinese classes at Riga 13 Middle School are all zero-based interest classes, each class lasts 40 minutes, two classes per week for grades 9-12, and one class per week for other grades.  Once the Chinese class was opened, students and teachers from No. 13 Middle School enthusiastically signed up. A total of more than 100 new students were enrolled. Everyone actively participated and the class feedback was good.  The opening of the teaching site of Riga No. 13 Middle School has built a bridge for cultural exchanges between China and Latvia. We believe that the flower of Chinese will bloom more brilliantly on the land of Latvia!



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