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Fate Comes Thousands of Miles to Meet — Chinese Lessons for Foreign Students in Riga 34 Middle School

Fate Comes Thousands of Miles to Meet — Chinese Lessons for Foreign Students in Riga 34 Middle School

On December 13, 2022 local time, a group of exchange students from Romania, Poland, Spain, Türkiye and other countries from Riga 34 Middle School in Latvia came to the Confucius Classroom. Volunteer teacher Wang Beiya and local teacher Ivetta brought them a unique Chinese class. When the students walked into the classroom, they were surprised to find that there were very beautiful Chinese objects in the display cabinet at the side, with Chinese characters and pinyin on the wall, lanterns on the ceiling, and Chinese paper cuts and books on the back.


At the beginning of the course, volunteer teacher Wang Beiya introduced her name and taught the students “Hello”, “Thank you” and “Goodbye”. The students are very active and speak loudly. Then, the volunteer teacher explained that next year is the Year of the Rabbit, and then took the students to make a rabbit paper-cut. The students followed the teacher step by step very seriously, and finally all the students had their own paper-cut bunnies. After that, the volunteer teacher took everyone to learn calligraphy. First, the teacher introduced Chinese calligraphy, gave everyone a Chinese brush, Xuan paper and felt, and then taught them how to hold a pen, how to dip in Chinese ink, and how to write one, two, and three. The students were very happy, wrote a lot of one, two, and three1,, and held them up for the teacher to see, hoping to be praised by the teacher. In the last five minutes, the teacher said that he could write any Chinese character he wanted. Some students wrote about “zhongguo”, and some students wrote “zaijian”. They were very happy. After class, many students refused to leave for a long time. They said they wanted to continue to take Chinese lessons.

The small Chinese classroom has gathered students from many countries who love Chinese, which is really called “a chance to meet thousands of miles away”. People’s love of Chinese is the best chance to meet each other.




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