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A Special Martial Arts Challenge on Paper: Chinese Calligrapy Class

A Special Martial Arts Challenge on Paper:  Chinese Calligrapy Class

From October 24th to 28th, 2022, undergraduates of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Latvia experienced the fun of “Calligraphy Meditation”. Bai Bingyu, a Chinese teacher, introduced the origin and evolution of Chinese characters to the students. Through images and videos, she guided students to experience the objects that carried Chinese characters in various historical periods, the way people wrote Chinese characters, and the influence of historical events on characters fonts, so that students could get a panoramic view of Chinese characters over 4000 years. In the process of trying to write Chinese characters, the strokes that the students are already familiar with are no longer simple. When writing a Chinese character, attention should be paid to the angle, strength, and structure at the same time, and even each stroke requires several steps of starting, moving, and closing. According to students, it was “too difficult to write”, “like a special kind of martial arts”, and the process is “difficult but decompressing”. There were even students who challenged cursive script hence discovered the importance of stroke order in Chinese characters writing. Bai is very happy to see the students enjoying the pain and pleasure of calligraphy. Touching Chinese characters in another way may give students new inspiration in language learning.


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