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Singing Songs for International Chinese Language Day

Singing Songs for International Chinese Language Day

Latvia is one of the Baltic States whose capital (Riga) is known as the “beating heart of the Baltic Sea” and Daugava River is her mother river. Around the 13th United Nations Chinese Language Day, Confucius Institute at University of Latvia has worked with various parties to create a series of songs such as “International Chinese Teachers’ Song”, “Learning Chinese Language and Enjoying Chinese Culture”, “Chinese Flower Blooms on the Bank of Daugav River”, “United Nations Chinese Language Day”, etc. to celebrate International Chinese Day and witness Chinese language flower blooms beautifully on the bank of Daugava River and on the shore of Baltic Sea.

“International Chinese Teachers’ Song”, with Deputy Director of Confucius Institute Management Office of South China Normal University Qin Honglei, Chinese Director Shang Quanyu and volunteer Chinese teacher Hu Yue of Confucius Institute at University of Latvia as lyrics authors, and Professor Xu Yuexiang and her team (Associate Professor Huang Xiying, He Wensheng, Liang Yanyi, Sun Xinran, Yu Xiang, Feng Churan, Fang Zehua, Zhang Xi and Choir) from School of Music of South China Normal University as music composer, piano player, lead singers, backing singers, chorus conductor, reciter, producer, recorder, Chinese students He Saixin, Wang Hanxi, Yu Xi, Ma Qingchen, Liu Xiangheng as well as LU Chinese teacher Bai Bingyu and her students Elīna Ļeščuka and Irina Paratova as video producers, narrates affectionately the story that Chinese teachers bid farewell to their hometown and follow their dreams to Latvia to teach Chinese on the land along the Baltic Sea and Daugava Rive, so as to salute to the great cause of Chinese education that promotes the friendship between the people and promotes the friendship between China and Latvia: Say goodbye to our beloved hometown, We came to the shore of Baltic Sea, The charm of Chinese characters is alive,Gorgeous with oriental neon clothes,Follow the call of the heart,We meet on the bank of Daugava River,Teaching and learning improve and cheer up each other,Be willing to be a ladder to achieve dreams,Ah, we are from the Confucius Institute,Be an overseas gardener,The glory of a lifetime,Composing a new chapter in China-Latvia friendship,Ah, we are from the Confucius Institute, Be a bridge of peace,International messenger,Create a new glory in China-Latvia culture.

“Learning Chinese Language and Enjoying Chinese Culture”, lyrics by volunteer Chinese teacher Lin Jie and Chinese Director Shang Quanyu from Confucius Institute at University of Latvia, music composing and singing by a poet/singer Wang Lingyi from Shenzhen, remix by music teacher Wu Xiaolu from Guangdong Ocean University Zhongge Art College and video producing by volunteer Chinese teacher Kuang Youjun, picturesquely depicts the happy scenes of students learning Chinese language and culture, and also shows the students’ strong interest in the rich and colorful Chinese culture: What are you speaking? I am speaking Chinese language.Hello, please, thank you, goodbye, Cadence Chinese.What are you writing? I am writing Chinese characters.Point horizontally and vertically, up and down, left and right, ideographic square characters.What are you tasting? I’m tasting Chinese cuisine.Shandong and Sichuan, Guangdong and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian, Hunan and Anhui intoxicated with eight major cuisines.Peking opera, singing and playing, sharing an audio-visual feast.The calligraphy, the pen is full of ink, outlines the black and white scroll.Embroidery, tracing the dragon and embroidering the phoenix, symbolizes the colorful tomorrow.Traditional Chinese medicine, hanging pot to help the world, marvel at what is going on.Martial arts, chivalrous and courageous, realizing the heroic passion of dreams.Tea art, tasting fragrance and appraising rhyme, quietly meditating and elegant heart.Nice Chinese language, and the ancient Chinese culture.What a witty Chinese language and a great Chinese culture.You come, I come, everybody comes,To learn to speak Chinese together.

“Chinese Flower Blooms on the Bank of Daugav River”, with lyrics by Laima (Yu Congyang, the second Chinese teacher who taught in University of Latvia from 1998 to 2002), music by Wang Lingyi, singing by Anzelika Smirnova (former student of University of Latvia), remix by Wu Xiaolu and video producing by Kuang Youjun, vividly describes the touching scene of Latvian students learning Chinese:The waves of the Baltic Sea meet the waves of the South China Sea,We sit by the Daugava River,Listen to the teacher speaking Chinese, open the oriental window, From the ancient Great Wall, to the galloping Yellow River and Yangtze Rive, the spirited China, this is the Confucius’ hometown, ancient and broad China, carrying your and my dreams, On the land of 65,000 square kilometers in Latvia, Is located so many classrooms for learning Chinese,Among about two million people,There are so many boys and girls who can say Ni Hao (hello in Chinese), After learning Chinese, We are willing to be a solid bridge for the friendship between Latvia and China.

“United Nations Chinese Language Day”, with lyrics by Yu Congyang, music by Wang Lingyi, tells about the origin and meaning of United Nations Chinese Language Day: One hundred and ninety-three national flags are flying in the United Nations, and I can hear it again when I put on my headphones. The six languages​have a sonorous rhythm. Today is Gu Yu Day, which is the United Nations Chinese Language Day. The Chinese language nourishes the dreams of the Chinese people. Spring rains give birth to all kinds of grains. The world is filled with fragrance. The cuckoos are singing happily. The voice of Chinese is louder, the language and culture are diverse, the maintenance of peace is the highest ideal of the United Nations, and I hope that the rain will revive the seedlings and the world will flourish, and the six languages​will build a bridge for friendly exchanges in the world.

May the flower of Chinese language bloom in every corner of the world.



《国际中文教师之歌》由华南师范大学孔子学院管理办公室副主任秦洪雷、拉脱维亚大学孔子学院中方院长尚劝余和汉语教师志愿者胡越作词,华南师范大学音乐学院徐越湘教授作曲和配乐,黄晞莹副教授钢琴伴奏,何文胜和梁艳艺主唱,华南师范大学合唱团伴唱,孙歆然合唱指挥,于翔朗诵,冯楚然和方泽华制作,于翔和张曦录音,华南师范大学音乐学院录音工作室录制;此外,中国留学生何赛鑫、王涵曦、余曦、马清晨、刘祥恒和拉脱维亚大学中文教师白冰玉及学生雷雅晶(Elīna Ļeščuka)、伊丽娜(Irina Paratova)参与了后期视频制作。歌曲深情地诉说汉语教师告别故乡、追随梦想来到位于波罗的海和道加瓦河畔的拉脱维亚从事汉语教学,歌颂了民心相通、促进中拉友好的汉教事业:告别心爱的故乡,我们来到波罗的海旁,鲜活着汉字神韵,绚丽着东方霓裳,追随内心的呼唤,我们相聚道加瓦河畔,教学相长其乐融融,甘做人梯成就梦想,啊,我们是孔院人,做海外的园丁,一生的荣光,谱写中拉友谊新的篇章,做和平的桥梁,国际的使者,铸就中拉文化新的辉煌。





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