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“Fire of Civilization, Charming Bay Area”——The 2022 “Chinese Bridge” online winter camp of South China Normal University opened smoothly

“Fire of Civilization, Charming Bay Area”——The 2022 “Chinese Bridge” online winter camp of South China Normal University opened smoothly

On February 21, 2022, Beijing time, the opening ceremony of the 2022 “Chinese Bridge” Winter Camp of South China Normal University with the theme of “Charming Bay Area, Dynamic Lingnan” was held. The program is hosted by the School of International Culture(SIC), South China Normal University(SCNU), and the teaching methods are live broadcast and recorded broadcast. After the launch of the online activity of “Lingnan Cultural Characteristic Group Project” in early January this year, it has been well received by students from France, Latvia, Vietnam and other countries, and has won the attention of more Chinese learners. At 4:00 p.m., the leaders of the South China Normal University, the organizers, the teachers of the Confucius Institutes, and the campers gathered on the Chinese Alliance platform on time to witness this exciting moment.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Dai Xiangbin of SIC. Mr. Liang Tiexiang, Chief of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, delivered an opening speech, introducing the teaching construction of South China Normal University and the achievement of cooperation and exchanges with universities in various countries and expressed his high expectations for the students. Zuo Pengjun, Dean of School of International Culture, introduced the Lingnan area and its cultural diversity and inclusiveness of civilization, and pointed out the important position of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in contemporary China’s economic and social development, ideology, culture, science and technology. He also said that this winter camp aims to deepen the students’ experience through the exchange of Chinese and Chinese culture, and welcomes all campers to study at South China Normal University after the pandemic is over. Immediately afterwards, four leading teachers, Huang Yuqian, Zhuang Qianhui, Bai Bingyu, and Pan Shi Lanfang, delivered speeches on behalf of the Asian International Friendship College in Indonesia, Kobe Women’s University in Japan, the Confucius Institute at University of Latvia and Fuchun University in Vietnam, expressing their appreciation to the sponsors of South China Normal University. Thanks from all the staff and wishes for the success of this winter camp. Afterwards, representatives of campers from three countries also made speeches. Among them, Darta (Dārta Krūmiņa), a student from the University of Latvia, also delivered a wonderful speech, wishing the athletes in the Winter Olympics “Good luck and many medals”, and hope that all the friends in the winter camp “Enjoying learning and having fun!”. Finally, Chen Jun, the teacher representative of the winter camp, also came forward to give a speech. In addition to introducing the setting of this course, Ms. Chen also sent sincere wishes to the campers, “I hope you can like this land in Lingnan. If you have the opportunity, you are willing to come here to have a visit!”

When the torch of the Beijing Winter Olympics went out, the winter camp continued to ignite the fire of exchanges between countries and Chinese culture. At the beginning of the new year, I hope that the students can achieve something during the winter camp learning and their Chinese dream will come true. I believe that the international Chinese cause will prosper with the efforts of Chinese lovers and Chinese educators!



北京时间2022年2月21日,以“魅力湾区,动感岭南”为主题的华南师范大学2022年“汉语桥”冬令营举行了开营典礼。该项目由华南师范大学国际文化学院承办,授课形式为直播及录播。今年1月初的 “岭南文化特色团组项目”线上活动开展后,得到来自法国、拉脱维亚、越南等国学员的一致好评,并赢得了更多汉语学习者的关注。下午4时,华南师范大学校领导、主办方人员、各孔子学院领队老师及营员们准时相聚在中文联盟平台,共同见证这个令人激动的时刻。

开幕式由国际文化学院戴相斌老师主持。国际交流处领导梁铁祥先生致开幕辞,介绍了华南师范大学的教学建设以及与各国高校的合作交流成果,希望本次冬令营活动能够续写合作友谊的新篇章,并送上了虎年祝福、表达了对学员们的殷切期待。国际文化学员院长左鹏军介绍了岭南地区及其文化多样性和文明包容性,指出粤港澳大湾区在当代中国经济社会发展、思想文化、科学技术中的重要地位。还表示本次的冬令营旨在通过汉语与中华文化的交流,加深学员们的体验,并欢迎各位营员在疫情结束后来到华南师范大学学习。紧接着,黄瑜茜、庄千慧、白冰玉、潘氏兰芳四位领队老师分别代表印尼亚洲国际友好学院、日本神户女子大学、拉脱维亚孔子学院、越南富春大学孔子学院致辞,表达了对华南师范大学主办方全体人员的感谢及对此次冬令营活动圆满成功的祝福。之后,来自三个国家的营员代表也做出了发言。其中,拉脱维亚大学学生Darta(Dārta Krūmiņa)也发表了精彩的讲话,祝冬奥会的运动员“好运连连,奖牌多多”,希望冬令营的各位朋友“学得快乐,玩儿得开心!”。最后,冬令营的任课教师代表陈珺也上前致辞,除了对本次课程的设置进行介绍外,陈老师也为各位营员送上了真切祝愿“希望你们能喜欢上岭南这片土地,将来有机会愿意来这里看一看、走一走!”


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