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End of the First Semester Chinese Class of the second grade class at Riga No.64 Secondary School

End of the First Semester Chinese Class of the second grade class at Riga No.64 Secondary School

As of December 20, 2021 (Beijing time), Classes 1 and 2 of the second grade class at Riga No.64 Secondary School have been completed. Different from the previous relaxed and happy classes, the last Chinese class ended with a “tense” quiz.

Before the quiz started, Tang Jing, the Chinese teacher, expressed her sadness about the end of the class. They wished each other “Merry Christmas”. After a brief introduction of the purpose and requirements of the test, the students felt challenged but also eager to try. Some students chose to open the camera so as to do it carefully. Five seconds after the countdown, the test starts.

The test consists of three parts: radical classification of Chinese characters, listening comprehension and sentence comprehension, which are all knowledge points that have been repeatedly practiced before. After the test, some students did not want to send photos because they were worried about their performance, under the constant encouragement of teacher, they finally submitted. Some students took the initiative to ask about the test results after the end, although the final score is high and low, the teacher Tang Jing found out the advantages of each student. The students were excited and expressed their gratitude and hoped to continue learning Chinese.

Towards the end, the Chinese teacher took the paper and pen that the students used as the introduction and showed the initial production process of China’s “four treasures of study – pen, ink, paper and inkstone” by video. The students were surprised and curious about them. Finally, the teacher and students bid farewell warmly. “Zài Jiàn ” is a temporary farewell to Chinese class and a good expectation for the new semester. See you next semester!







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