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Faculty of Humanities at LU Hosts Summer-themed Chinese Corner Activity人文学院举办夏日主题汉语角活动

Faculty of Humanities at LU Hosts Summer-themed Chinese Corner Activity人文学院举办夏日主题汉语角活动

[Reported by Faculty of Humanities, University of Latvia; Reporter:Bai Bingyu; Photographer: Bai Bingyu]

On May 31, 2024, the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Latvia hosted a “Summer Festival” themed Chinese Corner event at the Old Hongkong Chinese Restaurant in Riga. The event brought together 20 Chinese language enthusiasts and Chinese exchange students from various sectors of society as well as Confucius Institute. While enjoying delicious Chinese cuisine, participants engaged in three interactive sessions: a Q&A on China-Latvia summer celebrations, a discussion on festival topics, and themed translation tasks. Through these activities, Chinese and Latvian students paired up as language partners, gaining deeper insights into the summer festival cultures and traditional activities of China and Latvia.

The event concluded with a special segment initiated by Professor Agita Baltgalve to bid farewell to Chinese teacher Bai Bingyu. Attendees offered their thanks and best wishes to Bai.

With this event, the Chinese Corner activities for the semester successfully came to an end. The Chinese Corner will continue to inspire students interest through diverse language exchange activities, providing an engaging and authentic Chinese environment for Latvian Chinese language enthusiasts. The Department of Sinology at the Faculty of Humanities wishes everyone a pleasant summer ahead.

【拉脱维亚大学人文学院讯 通讯员:白冰玉 摄影:白冰玉】



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