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The Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia held the first Chinese Proficiency Test of the year 拉脱维亚大学孔子学院举办本年度首次汉语水平考试

The Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia held the first Chinese Proficiency Test of the year 拉脱维亚大学孔子学院举办本年度首次汉语水平考试

On March 16, local time, the first HSK Chinese Proficiency Test of 2024 was successfully held at the Confucius Institute Headquarters of the University of Latvia, which took a solid step for the launch of the 2024 Confucius Institute Chinese Proficiency Test.

This test is set up for HSK beginner to level 4. In order to ensure the smooth conduct of the first HSK test in 2024, the teachers of the Confucius Institute, under the assistant to the director of Bingyu Bai, a public teacher, actively communicated and worked together. On the day of the test, the teachers in charge arrive at the site one hour before the start of the test to prepare relevant materials, check the relevant equipment, and guide the candidates into the examination room. The examiner reads out the examination instructions, makes sure whether the students fill in the candidates’ information in a standardized manner, and organizes the students to leave the examination room orderly at the end of the examination, providing a convenient and familiar examination environment for the candidates.

After the HSK examination training and study, the thoughtful examination work plan, and the concerted efforts of the staff of the Confucius Institute, the examination was successfully completed. The candidates expressed their satisfaction with the exam and various arrangements, and hoped to continue learning Chinese in the new semester.

As the main Chinese language test center in Latvia, the Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia has always regarded the Chinese Proficiency Test as one of its core tasks for many years, and has been adhering to the Chinese test promotion concept of “promoting learning by examination, promoting teaching by examination, and combining examination and teaching”, constantly improving the offline examination process, continuously providing high-quality Chinese testing services for local candidates, and actively promoting the vigorous development of Chinese proficiency test in the European countries and regions.





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