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The Confucius Institute at LU successfully held a lecture on “Chinese Learning and Career Development”

The Confucius Institute at LU successfully held a lecture on  “Chinese Learning and Career Development”

On March 29, Latvia time, Michelle Belkina, an alumnus of the Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia and an outstanding employee of Latvia MGI Tech, gave a lecture on Chinese language learning and career development at Confucius Institute. This lecture is mainly aims at middle school students and college students who are learning Chinese in Latvia, aiming to share Chinese learning experience with Chinese learners and introduce the connection between Chinese learning and career development, all audiences responded very well finally.

Michelle graduated from Latvian University with a major in Chinese language and culture in 2020. She once worked as a part-time Chinese teacher and went to Beijing to participate in cultural exchange projects many times. She is currently an excellent employee of Latvia MGI Tech. In the lecture, she shared her Chinese learning experience, professional experience, opportunities brought by learning Chinese, soft and hard skills at work, teamwork and personal development, etc… Michelle’s glorious learning background and work experience made audience envious.

“If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.”Michelle introduced that being able to join Latvia MGI Tech benefited from the empowerment of Chinese language. It is fluent Chinese that brought her good job opportunities and it was a win-win move for her career development and enterprise development.

Michelle encouraged the Chinese learners present, “It will be difficult to learn Chinese at the beginning, but as long as you persevere, you will eventually be able to speak Chinese fluently, and Chinese will one day help your career development.” Michelle felt that the Chinese government strongly supports Chinese language learners to exchange and study in China. Exchange programs such as Chinese language summer camps and government scholarships are excellent opportunities. “We should seize all opportunities while we are young.” She also guided Chinese language learners to formulate their own “Small goals” for Chinese language learning and career development, making each goal specific and actionable, and interacting with the audience at the scene, encouraging everyone to write down their “goals for tomorrow, one year later, five years later, and ten years later” on paper..

To this day, Michelle still misses every bit of her time in China,“Chinese people love to travel, love to take pictures, and are surprised to hear that foreigners can speak Chinese”, These are Michelle’s “Chinese memories”.

Chinese will always empower you one day, please just work hard, let us wait and see the result.

当地时间2023年3月29日,拉脱维亚大学孔子学院校友、中国华大智造公司优秀员工蜜雪儿(Michelle Belkina)在孔子学院本部开设“汉语学习与职业发展”讲座,本次讲座主要面向拉脱维亚学习汉语的中学生和大学生,旨在向汉语学习者们分享汉语学习经历、介绍汉语学习与职业发展的联系,听众反响极大。






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