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Overview of Chinese teaching in Jekabpils 2.Vidusskola

Overview of Chinese teaching in Jekabpils 2.Vidusskola

Jekabpils 2.Vidusskola was established on March 1, 1920. M.Djakovskaja is the first principal, and the current principal is I.Salmina. The school started as a Russian Primary school in Jekabpils with grades 1 to 3. Later, the school was expanded and opened until Grade 12. In 1949, it was renamed as the current Jekabpils 2.Vidusskola. In 2001, Jekabpils 2.Vidusskola was merged into Jekabpils 2.Vidusskola at Jauna iela 44. In 2021, Jekabpils Primary School was merged into Jekabpils 2.Vidusskola. The school motto is “Get to know yourself”. The school emblem and flag are as follows:

School emblem                    School flag




Jekabpils 2.Vidusskola opened the Chinese class in the autumn semester of 2022. The first teacher was Chinese volunteer Yang Caiyun. The first Chinese class was on Tuesday afternoon, November 22nd. As an interest class, the first class was full of seats. They came from grade 7 to 12, mainly junior high school students, and their faces were full of curiosity and expectations. In the process of learning, we did not use special textbooks, but usually taught Chinese and Chinese culture by theme-based teaching.

At the beginning of the spring semester in 2023, the news department of the school did an interview on the Chinese class. From the students’ answers, we can feel the students’ love and yearning for Chinese and China! Here’s some student’s answer:

  1. Why did you decide to come and learn Chinese?

Ieva Semjonova 8d:I had been interested in Asian cultures for a long time and when I found out that Chinese lessons start, I was very eager to join.

Nanami 7b: I love to learn languages, it helps me to develop communication with people of different nations much more. In addition, with the help of a new language like Chinese, you can read or watch what is happening in the world.

Markuss Kārlis (8c): I decided to go to the Chinese lessons as I am interested in languages, Chinese would be refreshing and new not to mention my love of Chinese culture and history.

Ariana Marinčenko (7a): I decided to learn Chinese, because it is a very interesting language and it is not very difficult. After a couple of lessons, I can already say a couple of sentences.

  1. Would you like to visit China some day? Why?

Nanami 7b:  I would really like to visit China!  such a big and amazing country is already in my plans for a visit.  I really like the culture of Asian countries, especially China

Kalleria (7th grade):  I would really like to visit China, because it is a very beautiful country, there are a lot of kind people in it!

Markuss Kārlis (8c): If I ever get the chance to visit China I would, as I have always wanted to witness it’s cultures, events and many languages myself with my own eyes, while doing so seeing the beautiful landscape and visit the Forbidden City and the other Chinese architectural masterpieces.

Lelde Jase 7th grade:I would visit china in the future because it is one of my favorite country and there is so much fun things to do and there has a lot of delicious food.

  1. What makes the Chinese lessons interesting? Why?

Ieva Semjonova 8d):I like how the teacher teaches us, it’s very fun and educated. We learned about the Lunar New Year, the alphabet. I have learned quite a lot from Chinese lessons, the teacher is amazing and I hope Chinese class will still happen.

Markuss Kārlis (8c): The Chinese lessons are interesting to me because of the topics and the teacher’s style of teaching as I believe she works very hard to prepare the presentations and other educational materials for the class.

Lūcija (8d):  Chinese lessons are interesting, because I learn so many new things and have fun with the whole class. I like how we help each other translate if someone doesn’t understand.

Lelde Jase 7th grade: I like Chinese lessons because it is a new language that I’m learning and also I like teacher because she is sweet and teaches very good.I also really like that we learn different traditions about China.


I hope that the students’ enthusiasm for Chinese will continue and that the Chinese class can be a window for them to perceive China and Chinese culture, and help them to see a bigger world!

叶卡布皮尔斯第二中学成立于1920年3月1日,M.Djakovskaja为第一任校长,现任校长为I.Salmina。该校最开始是一所只有一至三年级的叶卡布皮尔斯市俄罗斯小学,随后学校不断壮大,开设到十二年级,在1949年更名为现在的叶卡布皮尔斯第二中学,1997年学校开始修建学校历史博物馆,并在建校85周年进行了开馆仪式,2001年叶卡布皮尔斯第四中学合并到叶卡布第二中学,一同在Jauna iela 44上课,2021年叶卡布皮尔斯小学并入叶卡布皮尔斯第二中学。该校的校训是“认识你自己”。校徽和校旗如下:

校徽:                       校旗:







IEVA SEMJONOVA(8D):我喜欢亚洲文化很长时间了,当我发现学校开设中文课时我就非常渴望加入。

Nanami(7B):我喜欢学习语言,它可以帮助我与不同国家的人建立沟通。 此外,借助诸如中文的新语言,您可以阅读或观看更多世界上正在发生的事情。

Markuss Kārlis (8c):我对学习语言很感兴趣所以决定来学习中文,中文对我来说是一门新的语言,令我耳目一新,更何况我很喜欢中国文化和历史。

ArianaMarinčenko(7a):我决定学习中文,因为我觉得中文很有趣,并且不是很困难。 经过几堂课的学习,我已经可以说几句汉语了。

2.你以后想去中国吗? 为什么?


Kalleria (7th grade):我真的很想去中国,因为它是一个非常美丽的国家,也有很多友善的人!

Markuss Kārlis (8c):如果我有机会去中国我一定会去,我一直想亲眼看看它的文化、习俗和多种语言,同时看看中国美丽的风景并参观紫禁城还有其他中国建筑杰作。

Lelde Jase7th grade:将来我一定会去中国,因为它是我最喜欢的国家之一,中国有很多有趣的事情,并且有很多美食。

3.是什么让中文课变得有趣呢? 为什么?

Ieva Semjonova8d:我喜欢老师教我们的方式,我觉得很有趣并且有教育意义。我们了解了农历新年,拼音。我从中文课上学到了很多东西,老师很棒,我希望中文课能持续开下去。

Markuss Kārlis (8c):中文课程很有趣,因为上课的主题和教师的教学风格都很棒,而且我觉得老师非常努力地准备中文课和其他学习材料。


Lelde Jase 7th grade:我喜欢中文课程,因为这对我来说是一门新的语言,我也喜欢我们的汉语老师,人很好,教学方式也很好,我也非常喜欢有关中国的不同的传统文化。


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