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Chinese teaching in Ventspils University of Applied Sciences 2022-2023 officially starts

Chinese teaching in Ventspils University of Applied Sciences 2022-2023 officially starts

On October 13 and 14, 2022 local time, the Chinese class at Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, a teaching point under the Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia, was officially launched. Mr. Xu Shen served as a Chinese teacher.

Chinese courses here are mainly divided into elective courses for college students and adult interest courses in the Lifelong Learning Institute. The first class starts with knowing China and Chinese. The teacher first introduced himself, and the students were very interested in the meaning of the teacher’s Chinese name. Then, a series of Chinese knowledge quizzes allowed students to quickly understand China and the Chinese language system. Then they entered the main topic. The students mastered the simple Chinese greetings through group activities and situational performances. Learning of tones made it difficult but challenging for them. There were bursts of laughter in the class as the tones and simple pinyin were seriously practiced. Finally, the teacher led the students to have free discussions on some topics related to Chinese culture and contemporary China. The content of this time was “Invollution VS Buddhism VS Lying Flat”. Students expressed their thoughts on these three attitudes towards life, and talked about the current situation and choices of young Latvian people.

At present, there are nearly 40 college students and people from the society coming to study Chinese at Ventspils University of Applied Sciences. In addition to the above two classes, online adult interest classes are also opened simultaneously.




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