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The 2021.9-2022.6 Academic Year of the Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia has Ended Successfully

The 2021.9-2022.6 Academic Year of the Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia has Ended Successfully

Cicada’ singing symbolizes the summer’s coming, frogs’ croaking indicates the summer’s heat. On June 18 and June 20, 2022 local time, both the advancedⅡ adult class and advancedⅠadult class of the Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia held the final exam before the Chinese Summer Solstice (June 21) and the Latvian Līgo Festival (Midsummer Festival, June 23) respectively. After the exam, Chinese teacher Tang Heng provided feedback and closing messages to each student in a targeted manner by counting the scores, analyzing the exam papers and taking into account the students’ usual learning situation.

After the written test of the final exam, Teacher Tang also arranged an oral exam for the students, and encouraged the students to talk about their achievements in Chinese language from the HSK course in the past two semesters. The students in both classes actively expressed their own idea. In the advancedⅠadult class, some students thought that the topics in the textbook are very helpful to their lives; some students felt that through this period of study, their future goals have become clearer; One of students thought the book “One Hundred Thousand Whys” is very interesting and she wanted to buy one. In addition, students have learned a lot of useful words and phrases by participating in the Chinese Bridge competition. In the advanced Ⅱ adult class, one of students said that her most important achievement was being able to express herself in Chinese with confidence; some students said that they like the topic discussions and personal presentations in the class very much, which deepened their understanding of Chinese culture and the current situation of the society; one of students excitedly told the teacher that he could understand Chinese movies without reading subtitles recently. When students were asked about their plans for future Chinese study, most of them expressed their wishes to have more opportunities to express and communicate in Chinese on a daily basis, and also talked about their plans to continue to follow the Confucius Institute courses. At the same time, Rodions Kriņins, a student of the advanceⅠ adult class also used the ancient proverb “As long as you work hard, the iron pestle will be sharpened into a needle” as a motto to motivate himself. Teacher Tang saw that the students had achieved success in their studies, she felt relieved. Then the teacher constantly praised and encouraged the students, recorded the students’ responses and gave corresponding evaluations.

One week after the exam, students will receive a short video of “Awards” and “Final-term Message” recorded by Teacher Tang. The awards include “Best Studious Student”, “Most Potential Award” and “Most Positive Award” , “Most Chinese-Language Sense Award” and “Best Spoken Chinese Award” to affirm students’ efforts over the past two semesters and provide motivation for their future Chinese learning. We wish the Chinese course can bring learners a wonderful experience, and the life aesthetics of Chinese culture can give them more nourishment. There is a famous Chinese poetry “It is difficult to meet each other and it’s also unbearable to depart”. The future will be a bright, new beginning. We hope you will make great progress in learning, work smoothly, and be happy!



期末考试的笔试过后,汤老师还为学生们安排了一次口语考试,鼓励学生们用中文谈一谈自己这两个学期以来学习HSK课程的收获,两个班的学生们都踊跃地发表了自己的想法。在成人高级班上,有的学生认为课文的话题对自己的生活很有帮助;有的学生觉得通过这段时间的学习,自己未来的目标愈发明确了;还有的学生对课本中介绍的《十万个为什么》一书很感兴趣,此外,该生通过参加汉语桥比赛,学到了很多有用的词句。在成人高高级班上,有学生表示,她最重要的收获是能自信地用中文进行表达了;有学生谈到,自己非常喜欢课堂上的主题讨论、个人展示等环节,加深了她对中国文化及社会现状的了解;还有学生兴奋地告诉老师,自己最近无须看字幕便能看懂中国电影了。学生们被问到关于未来中文学习的计划时,大多数人都表示希望能有多点机会用中文进行日常表达和交流,大家纷纷谈到自己将继续跟着孔院课程学习的打算。同时,成人高级班学生罗迪(Rodions Kriņins)还把近期学过的古代谚语“只要功夫深,铁杵磨成针”作为座右铭来激励自己。汤老师看到学生们学有所成,欣慰之余,不断地表扬、鼓励学生,记录学生们的回答情况并给予相应的评价。


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