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End of the First Semester Chinese Class of Confucius Classroom at Riga Cultures Secondary School

End of the First Semester Chinese Class of Confucius Classroom at Riga Cultures Secondary School

On the evening of December 16, local time, the students in Confucius Classroom at Riga Cultures Secondary School and Chinese teacher Li Xin summarized the Chinese learning life of this semester, and drew an end to the Chinese class of the first semester on the eve of the examination week.

At the beginning of the class, the Chinese teacher delivered a small speech, summarized the teaching results of this semester, praised the students for their serious study, and thanked the students for bringing her many surprises and moves. Just after the words of thanks, the students praised and expressed their love. Then the students spoke one by one, summarizing their learning and thanking the teacher. Teacher and students look forward to their Chinese learning life next semester.

Finally, the Chinese teacher played a short video comparing the Chinese Spring Festival and Christmas to let the students discuss the cultural similarities and differences between Christmas and the Spring Festival in a cheerful atmosphere. Everyone actively shared the customs of Christmas. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students had a general understanding of the Chinese Spring Festival Culture. The students began to look forward to the next class and hoped that the teacher could explain the Chinese Spring Festival Culture Course in detail.

The Chinese class in the first semester has ended temporarily. We are all looking forward to meeting each other online next semester and praying for the early end of the epidemic so that the teacher and students can get together to learn Chinese on-site in the beautiful Latvia !






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