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The Chinese Language Course at Transport and Telecommunication Institute is going on smoothly

The Chinese Language Course at Transport and Telecommunication Institute is going on smoothly

Since Beijing time on November 3, 2021, the Chinese Language Course at Transport and Telecommunication Institute has been going on smothly in the new semester.Although Chinese volunteer teacher could not arrive in Latvia as scheduled owing to the Covid-19 epidemic, Jelena Samoilenko, the person in charge of Chinese teaching in Transport and Telecommunication Institute, has been contacting with Chinese volunteer teacher Tang Jing through Email and they actively discussed the course arrangement, determined the course time, class division, student lists, and unanimously decided that the course will be set as the Basic Chinese Course for Adult. They also decided to get to class through the online teaching platform “” of Transport and Telecommunication Institute. The teacher account and password are registered in advance to ensure that the Chinese course will be carried out as scheduled.

In order to attract students to join the Chinese class, Chinese volunteer teacher Tang Jing held a Chinese Introduction class for students of Transport and Telecommunication Institute at 00:00 Beijing time on November 3. This class is organized around two questions: What is Chinese class? What can we learn from Chinese lessons? First of all, the Chinese course is divided into two parts: Chinese comprehensive and Chinese culture. Chinese comprehensive part includes: language knowledge, pinyin, vocabulary, Chinese characters, theme teaching; The Chinese culture section has 15 cultural experience classes: Chinese Characters, Chinese Geography, Chinese dance, Contemporary China, Taoist Culture, Chinese Knot, Winter Solstice, Tea Culture, Laba Festival, wine Culture, Beijing Opera, Calligraphy Art, Spring Festival, Chinese Tourism, Lantern Festival. The students are very interested in it. At the end of the introduction class, Chinese teacher Tang Jing expressed her hope that students could join the Chinese class.

The first online Chinese course at Transport and Telecommunication Institute was successfully held at 22:00 Beijing time on November 4, 2021. In the class, Puzikova Alina talked with the Chinese teacher Tang Jing confidently and generously, told her reasons for learning Chinese and her experience of visiting Hainan Province, China. She said that she hopes to learn Chinese well and use Chinese well, and she would continue to attend Chinese classes. In this Chinese class, Teacher Tang Jing introduced The Chinese pinyin in a lively and interesting way, and then began to teach the initials and finals. The students mastered it quickly, and the pronunciation became more accurate through teaching and re-reading. Extended Chinese monosyllabic vocabulary and simple sentence exercises also stimulated students’ interest in learning Chinese.

At 22:00 Beijing time on November 9, 2021, the second Chinese course at Transport and Telecommunication Institute arrived as scheduled. In order to consolidate the results of last lesson, Chinese teacher Tang Jing helped the students to review firstly, “Are you ready? “I’m ready! Puzikova Alina’s face was filled with a confident smile, one after another clearly pronounced vowels, one after another Chinese monosyllabic word blurted out, thus the review part was carried out happily. However, the new contents also brings challenges to students. The gradually complicated vowels and gradually difficult two-syllable vocabularies made students feel upset. The Chinese teacher Tang Jing encouraged the students again and again, “You can”, “You said very well” and “try again”. Finally, with the joint efforts of the teacher and students, the new content was gradually absorbed and understood by students, and the students’ pronunciation became more and more accurate and clear.

It is in such a relaxed and happy learning atmosphere, Chinese volunteer teacher Tang Jing and the students enthusiastically interacted, learnt from each other. There will be a series of interesting Chinese lessons available for more students who are interested in Chinese……




由于此前准备工作充分,北京时间2021年11月4日22:00交通与电信大学第一节汉语课顺利开展。在课上,Puzikova Alina 同学自信大方地与汉语教师交谈,讲述了自己学习汉语的原因和曾经拜访中国海南省的经历,并表示希望能学好汉语、用好汉语,会坚持参加汉语课。此次中文课上,教师唐静用生动有趣的方式介绍了汉语拼音,并对此开始声韵母的教学,学生掌握得很快,发音也在一次次教读、复读中越发准确;扩展的汉语单音节词汇、简单的语句练习也激发了学生的学习兴趣。

北京时间2021年11月9日22:00,交通与电信大学第二次汉语课如期到来。为巩固上次课的学习成果,汉语教师唐静首先带领学生复习,“你准备好了吗?” “我准备好了!” Puzikova Alina同学脸上洋溢着自信的笑容,一个个发音清晰的声韵母,一个个脱口而出的汉语单音节词汇,复习环节就这样愉快地开展着。然而新学内容也给学生带来了挑战,逐渐复杂的韵母、逐渐困难的双音节词汇,使学生面露难色。汉语教师唐静一次次地鼓励学生“你可以的”“你说的很好”“再试一次”,最终,在师生的共同努力下,新学内容逐渐被学生吸收理解,学生发音也越来越准确清晰。


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