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Confucius Classroom at Riga 34 Secondary School, Mid-Autumn Festival Culture Class

Confucius Classroom at Riga 34 Secondary School, Mid-Autumn Festival Culture Class

On the evening of September 22nd in Latvia, it is also the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 , the students of Confucius Classroom at Riga 34 Secondary School and local teacher Evita and Chinese teacher Li Wenyu together learn and experience the Mid-Autumn Festival online through zoom.

Before the beginning of the class, the teacher played a Mid-Autumn Festival video with Russian subtitles to help students understand the Mid-Autumn Festival, and then displayed and learned Mid-Autumn Festival-related vocabulary in specific teaching sessions. The teacher asked a few questions: “What is the lunar month and day of the Mid-Autumn Festival? How many suns does Houyi shoot down? What is the name of Chang’e’s pet? Do you like to eat sweet or salty mooncakes?”  At the same time, the relevant Chinese characters are also studied in this class. Students like to write Chinese characters very much. The teacher also shared a video of making lanterns and mooncakes with the students, and the students said that they would do it after class. Finally, the students hoped to watch the video of the dragon and lion dance in the next class, and the students showed great interest.

At the end of the class, the teacher and classmates recite the ancient Chinese poem “In the Quiet Night ” together, and the students celebrated Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with the Chinese!




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