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The Mid-Autumn Festival Culture Lesson of Confucius Classroom at Riga Cultures Secondary School

The Mid-Autumn Festival Culture Lesson of Confucius Classroom at Riga Cultures Secondary School

On the evening of September 22, local time, it was the Mid-Autumn Festival in Beijing time. The students in Confucius Classroom at Riga Cultures Secondary  School and Chinese teacher Li Xin enjoyed the bright moon far away from thousands of miles, experienced the festival online, and carried out a rich and colorful Mid-Autumn Festival culture class.

Before the class, the Chinese teacher helped the 12th grade students review the relevant vocabulary of the Mid-Autumn Festival by asking “what do you know about the Mid-Autumn Festival?” and then played a publicity video of the Mid-Autumn Festival culture to let the students know the new knowledge. During the discussion and communication session, some students can share the story of “Chang’e running to the moon” in English. Through Chinese prompts, students can correctly answer the idiom “Chang’e Ben Yue”; In the part of Hou Yi shooting the sun game, students can choose the correct answer according to the key words. The students’ performance in this class is very positive. Finally, the teacher shared the methods and achievements of making moon cakes with the students, and the students expressed their desire to come to China to experience the Mid-Autumn Festival in person.

At the end of the class, the teacher presented an ancient poem “the bright moon is rising from the sea, and all the people are enjoying the same moment” to the students. The students actively copied it down and said to each other: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!




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