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A shared moon——The“first-meeting gift”for teacher and students, Confucius Institute at University of Latvia

A shared moon——The“first-meeting gift”for teacher and students, Confucius Institute at University of Latvia

Golden autumn is the most beautiful season in the world, and owns the most round moon in the Mid-autumn festival. Local time 20th to 21st, September, 2021, the advanced Chinese class(HSK5) of Confucius Institute at University of Latvia had their first Chinese class,meanwhile,HSK4 class has begun the second-week Chinese learning.The Mid-autumn Festival is coming. Teacher Tang Heng decided to give a unique “first-meeting gift”to HSK5 and HSK4 students——Celebrating Mid-autumn Festival Online.

There are three parts of the activity,“How much do you know about Mid-Autumn Festival”, “The poetry conference under the moon” and “Cultural Q&A”.

During the first part, the teacher interacted with students by “oracle”(the ancient Chinese character), which led to the origin story of the festival. The class were interested in the festival customs and took notes of the “祭月(pray to the moon)“, “团圆(family reunion)” and “桂花糕(osmanthus cake)”. Next,the whole class watched the《嫦娥奔月(a classic legend about Mid-Autumn Festival)》video vividly performed by some younger actors, which made students immerse in the beautiful and mysterious festival culture. As for the second part,Tang Laoshi showed a famous Mid-autumn Festival poetry of ancient China——《水调歌头·明月几时有(节段)》,which not only offer students a prefect artistic conception,but also let them feel the charm of Chinese characters and literature.The class played a positive role in the last part, and Tang Laoshi found students had a deep impression on what teacher presented to them in former section and could answer the most of questions correctly. Among questions, the class were asked to guess the Chinese characters through the oracle. After teacher giving clues, some of students recognized characters“车”and“安”quickly.

The bright moon may be shared with people from long distance,the blessings also could be sent far away. Although HSK5’s first class was ended by teacher’s and students’ wishes, the Chinese learning in the new academic year has just begun. In the end of the class, Tang Laoshi played a little video “Flying the Kongming Lantern(Chinese people make wishes when the lantern rise up to the air.It’s also the symbol of the harvest and happy year)” that she had recorded for her HSK5 and HSK4 classes in advance, and wished students all the best and a great progress in the future Chinese learning!




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