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The Closing Ceremony of Chinese Classes for The 2020-2021 Academic Year of Confucius Classroom at Rezekne Academy of Technologies Came to a Successful Conclusion

The Closing Ceremony of Chinese Classes for The 2020-2021 Academic Year of Confucius Classroom at Rezekne Academy of Technologies Came to a Successful Conclusion

At 4 pm on May 31 and June 4, local time,the closing ceremony of Chinese classes for the 2020-2021 academic year of Confucius Classroom at Rezekne Academy of Technologies was held on the Tencent conference platform.

At the closing ceremony, Chinese teacher Xie Liting first congratulated the students for successfully completing the Chinese courses of this academic year and affirmed the progress made by the students in Chinese learning. She said that she was very glad to spend an unforgettable Chinese learning time with the students, and she was also very gratified to witness the continuous progress of everyone. Although it is not possible to interact with the students face to face this academic year, every time she hears everyone communicating in Chinese and sees everyone participating in class activities together, she feels that they are very close to each other. And she hopes that the students can maintain their love for Chinese culture, persist in learning Chinese, and make greater progress.

Next, Teacher Xie Liting presented commemorative certificates to the students who achieved excellent results in the final exams, and asked the students to share their feelings about participating in Chinese online courses this academic year. Among them, Kaspars from the intermediate class said that he was most impressed by the cultural classes this academic year. Not only did he learn more about traditional Chinese festivals, but he also strengthened his interest in learning Chinese culture by participating in a wealth of online experience activities.In addition, the student ,Jūlija  said that in this special period, she felt very fortunate to have this opportunity to keep learning Chinese. This academic year she has made great progress in Chinese vocabulary, and needs to improve the writing of Chinese characters. She hopes that she will have more time to learn Chinese in the future.

Finally, the students watched the video made by the teacher and reviewed the wonderful clips in the Chinese class together. The students expressed that this was a very special and unforgettable learning time, and thank the teacher for her teaching and dedication. In the future, they will continue to learn Chinese, improve their Chinese level, and understand Chinese culture more deeply.


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