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Adults Junior Group at LUCI successfully held Online Spring Festival celebrations

Adults Junior Group at LUCI successfully held Online Spring Festival celebrations

“The jade rat returned to the palace to report a good news, and the golden cattle was striving for the spring tide.” To celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year, from February 15th to February 18th local time, the Adult Junior Croup at LUCI launched a variety of Spring Festival experience activities on the Webex conference platform.

In the classroom, Zhu Bofan, a volunteer Chinese teacher, first introduced the solar calendar and traditional Chinese lunar calendar to the students, so that the students had a better understanding of Chinese dates. Afterwards, asking students “What would you think of about the Spring Festival?” Aroused students’ thinking and started active discussions. Then, a video about the Chinese New Year was played. Starting from the young year, it briefly introduced people’s preparation activities to welcome the New Year, and introduced the origin of “Nian” and traditional customs.

In addition, Zhu Bofan explained the terms “Spring Festival, Chinese New Year, Spring Festival Gala, New Year’s Eve” and other words, and led the students to watch part of the 2021 Spring Festival Gala, which they found very interesting. After that, taking the New Year’s Eve dinner as the topic, She introduced the food during the Chinese New Year and explained the cultural connotation of the expectation for a better life. After the New Year’s Eve dinner, it was New Year’s greetings. Zhu Bofan introduced to the students the forms of New Year’s greetings, the blessings among people, and red envelopes and New Year’s money. The students were very curious about this, and some students asked how much money is usually given. Zhu Bofan gave an explanation based on the differences between the north and south of China. By playing the video of sticking couplets and preparing for the New Year, the students got a better understanding of the Chinese New Year. Looking at the various Chinese snacks, lively firecrackers, and beautiful fireworks, the students expressed their desire to come to China to experience the New Year. In order to further feel the Chinese New Year, Zhu Bofan took the students to cut the word “Fu” together. This is also the first paper-cut work of the students in this class. Everyone is very serious and happy. Of course, there are many blessings. The students also recorded a video together to send their blessings to everyone. In addition to the simple blessings, everyone also read the verse “Yuan Ri” aloud together to feel the good wishes of the ancient Chinese for the New Year. The students also learned to sing the song “Gong Xi Fa Cai”, the whole class was full of laughter, so lively!

Although we are far away, the charm of Chinese and the enthusiasm of the students have closely linked us. We believe that the cold winter will pass, and spring will come soon. We wish you all a happy Chinese New Year!





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