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Jade Rat Farewell to the Old Year Golden Ox—Celebration of the New Year Warmly Celebrate the smooth development of Spring Festival Cultural Theme Course in Confucius Classroom at Riga Culture Secondary School

Jade Rat Farewell to the Old Year  Golden Ox—Celebration of the New Year Warmly Celebrate the smooth development of Spring Festival Cultural Theme Course in Confucius Classroom at Riga Culture Secondary School

“Amid the boom of firecrackers, a year has come to an end. And the spring wind has wafted warm breath to the wine ” From February 9 to February 11, local time,the Confucius Classroom at Riga Culture Secondary School ushered in a series of the 2021 Spring Festival themed cultural course. The course was a total of four class hours, taught by Shan Qi, a volunteer Chinese teacher.

“The internet connected us together.” Affected by the epidemic, this course adopted the way of online teaching. Although the distance between teachers and students in China and Latvia is thousands of miles away, our “Strength as much as an ox” in learning Chinese has not diminished. The students’ expectation of the course can be felt through the screen. Smiling faces filled with joy and enthusiasm were their best feedback to the course. This cultural lesson mainly started from the customs of the Spring Festival, with cultural points and language points, so that the students can understand the culture of the Spring festival and master the language knowledge at the same time.

The first class mainly showed the origin and customs of the Spring Festival: from the cleaning, purchasing and decorating with lanterns before the year, to pasting the spring couplets, watching the spring festival gala, fireworks, gongs and drums, staying up and paying a New Year’s call, all of which were full of “flavor of new year”. The students concentrated on and enjoyed the Chinese New Year with me; The second class mainly focused on the language point teaching of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Considering that the students are in the primary stage of learning Chinese, the 12 Chinese zodiac animals were specially picked out in the class.We Introduced its origin and connotation in detail, and systematically learned the animal names in the Chinese zodiac, supplemented by grammar point “在 + verb + object” to carry out exercises; In the third class, we learned the Spring Festival greetings and watched the BBC Chinese New Year documentary to further experience it. Before the end of the course, the students expressed their best wishes to the teachers and all the Chinese people with the New Year greetings they just learned. The sound of “新春快乐、牛年大吉、恭喜发财、牛气冲天” was not only a perfect answer to students’ learning achievements, but also a good witness to the friendship between China and Latvia. The fourth class consolidated the knowledge points, and the students completed the Chinese homework – Chinese zodiac copybook. The students wrote very carefully. During the course, they not only mastered the writing of Chinese characters, the use of grammar, but also had a preliminary understanding of the Chinese New Year. Came back with fruitful results.

Although we were not able to celebrate Chinese New Year with the students in person,the enthusiasm of the students for Chinese closely linked us together. Several students even sent a video of blessing for the Spring Festival, which can be described as sending the true love through thousands miles. Even through thousands of mountains and rivers, the strong feelings between each other can not be stopped. The cold winter will eventually pass and we will be able to overcome the epidemic! As the dawn approaches and the spring breeze strikes, China and Latvia will continue to work together to compose a new chapter.

Finally, the Confucius Classroom at Riga Cultural Secondary School wishes you: Happy New Year! Good luck!






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