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Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia Successfully Held the first online Spring Festival Gala

Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia Successfully Held the first online Spring Festival Gala

9:28 pm, Feb 11st, Beijing time, the first online Spring Festival Gala video of Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia , was successfully uploaded to the most famous video website,, in China. And in the very next day, at 2:43 pm, this video was also successfully uploaded to Youtube.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, both of the students and the teachers from the Confucius Institute of University at Latvia, are not able to get together to perform a live show for everyone. However, with the development of the network, students and teachers from CIUL, tried their best to collect their congratulating videos and performance videos together, to make a special Spring Festival Gala with their own features, which not only preserving the tradition of celebrating the Spring Festival annually in CIUL, but also evolving and enriching the performing methods of the Spring Festival Gala from CIUL. Like the Chinese director of the CIUL said, it has successfully created a precedent on the history of CIUL.

According to Wu Zhixin, the Chinese teacher from CIUL, also the director of this online Spring Festival Gala, the whole preparation for this video, was really intense: from the birth of the idea to the collection of the materials, and from the editing work to finish uploading, we have only 9 days to finish creating such a big video, except our daily teaching work.

Wu said, “The biggest challenge we faced in the online Spring Festival Gala, was the schedule and the daily arrangement, because on one hand, our time was quite short, and there is a huge difference between China and Latvia, therefore, our first priority of the preparation for this gala video, is how to manage the time of students and teachers to collect enough materials as well as arranging the following steps to make sure everything going well and smoothly according to our plan. On the other hand, at the very first beginning of the preparation, we have only 3 core members, and they are Zhu Kejia, the volunteer Chinese teacher, who is responsible for video editing as well as music arrangement; Bai Bingyu, the professional Chinese teacher, who is responsible for flash animations as well as sound effects; and me, who is responsible for script writing, subtitles translating work and the inspirations for the gala video. However, as the preparation is going well accordingly, more people joined in our team, such as Zhu Bofan, the volunteer Chinese teacher who would be the host of this online Spring Festival Gala of CIUL, and Zou Yaping, the professional Chinese teacher who will be a special guest in the video. Therefore, although we had really limited time to make this video, thanks to their understanding and cooperation, as well as their high efficiency, so that we can achieve the goal, to present you this online Spring Festival Gala which is 1 hour and 24 minutes in total, in such a short time. So, most of all, I would really want to show my deepest and most sincere gratitude to my crew, for their understanding and continuous supporting and contribution to this video.”

Wu also added, “In addition, I would also like to show my gratitude to every student, every teacher and every staff from Confucius Institute at University of Latvia. Because it was your passion, positive attitude and great performance that makes this online Spring Festival Gala so amazing and splendidly great. Also, it was because of your passion, understanding and support, that makes us understand the meaning conveyed by a famous Chinese sentence, although we reside in far corners of the world, having a good friend is akin to having a good neighbor. Needless to say, that now we realize that we have so many friends in Latvia now. Therefore, I am also showing my deepest and sincere appreciation to our Latvian students. At the same time, our crew would also like to send our New Year wishes to Latvia, wishing our Latvian friends stay in good health, and may all the luck be with you!

Moreover, about the first online Spring Festival Gala from Confucius Institute at University of Latvia, Wu also implied the following things to us:

  1. The inspiration of this online Spring Festival Gala, comes from the book, Confucius Institute at University of Latvia: A guide to the life and work of volunteers, as well as the life recordings and memories between students and teachers from CIUL in the past year;
  2. The performing way of this online Spring Festival Gala, will be in the way combining touring and making travel notes;
  3. Theperforming structure of this gala video, will be arranged according to the 5 planning regions of Latvia, and they are Riga Region, Latgale Region, Zemgale Region, Kuzeme Region and Vidzeme Region;
  4. At the end of of this online Spring Festival Gala, we design an Easter egg for you, hoping you can finish the whole video as well as understanding the purpose of this Easter egg.
  5. Hope you can support our first online Spring Festival Gala, from Confucius Institute at University of Latvia;
  6. And here are the links for you guys to watch it:

Last but not least, here is the Chinese New Year wishes from all the crew members of Confucius Institute at University of Latvia, we wish you:

Happy Chinese New Year! Stay in good health! May all the luck be with you in the Year of Ox! And may everything will be going well with you and everything will come true as you wish! Also, we wish you a sky-high prosperity in your career and having the immerse power to realize your goals!







  1. 本次网络春晚的灵感,来源于《拉脱维亚大学孔子学院志愿者生活工作指南》一书以及拉大孔院师生们这一年来的生活记录与回忆;
  2. 本次网络春晚的表现形式,将采用巡回旅行加旅途游记的形式,对节目内容进行层层展开;
  3. 本次网络春晚的结构安排,根据拉脱维亚的5个历史文化区域进行安排,分别是里加区、拉特加尔区、泽梅加尔区、库泽梅区以及维泽梅区;
  4. 本次春晚的片尾包含了一个小彩蛋,希望观众能坚持看完片尾之余,也能用心体会出这个彩蛋的用意;
  5. 希望大家多多支持我们拉脱维亚大学孔子学院的首部网络春晚!




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