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Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences successfully launched Chinese online courses

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences successfully launched Chinese online courses

At 17:30 on the afternoon of November 3rd, local time, the online Chinese class at the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences was successfully launched on the Webex platform. This is the fifth time that a Chinese teacher has given a Chinese class to first-year exchange students. The atmosphere in the class is enthusiastic. The students are also very cooperative during the interaction. In the short one and a half hour Chinese class, the students not only practiced Chinese characters, new words, but also Learned simple communicative language. Chinese teacher learned through investigations that these students not only choose Chinese to gain credits, but also want to change the future by learning Chinese, so they are very serious and active in class.

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences has three Chinese language courses, which are exchange students for the first year, second year and first year. The selected textbook is “HSK Standard Course”. Although the exchange students have never been exposed to Chinese, they are very active in class. Everyone actively turns on their camera during class so that Chinese teachers can observe in real time. To the facial expressions of each student and whether the students are listening attentively during class.

The theme of this course is “She is My Chinese Teacher”. The students have already mastered the basic rules of Chinese pronunciation. They can read new words or sentences according to Chinese pinyin. The Chinese teacher asks the students to read the new words in a train. And let the students solitaire select other students for pronunciation training in the form of games, making the course more interesting. Exchange student Tom said that he likes this kind of interaction, which makes boring voice learning fun. In order to make the courses higher quality and more interesting, volunteer Chinese teachers began to delve into the teaching materials one week before the class, and actively prepare the lessons, so that the students have a good sense of class experience.

Every volunteer Chinese teacher has put great enthusiasm and hard work into his position, hoping that the cause of Chinese international communication can be further developed and be loved by more and more foreigners, so that people all over the world can understand the charm of Chinese.





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