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Spring Festival Activity of 2020 successfully held in Liepaja University

Spring Festival Activity of 2020 successfully held in Liepaja University





Chinese New Year of 2020 is coming soon. Chinese teacher volunteer Shuyi Wu held a Spring Festival Activity in Liepaja University in 23rd of January.

The activity started with cheerful music. All people were in red dress in order to welcome the Chinese New Year. First of all, Chinese teacher Wu Shuyi taught students greetings and gesture which people use during Spring Festival. Those made students feel interesting. Then, students knew the legend of Chuxi through the cartoon. After the teacher explained the meaning of “Chuxi (new year’s eve) ” and “Qunian(last year) ”, students had a clear understanding. Students were asked if they know the zodiac of this year. They said it is rat year but they don’t know why. Then the teacher showed a video of zodiac and asked students to find out what zodiac is it in their birth year. Some students regarded the dragon as a special species. After the teacher explained the difference between Chinese dragon and western dragon, they are happy with this zodiac. Besides, the teacher showed the costumes of New Year’s Eve including buying couplets and mandarins, eating fish and giving the hongbao through pictures and videos and explained their meanings. The costumes in Spring Festival were also introduced including visiting relatives and visiting the parents etc.. There is one thing that all people need to learn, that is saying some wishes in Chinese. The teacher prepared a surprise for all which is hongbao. Everyone can choose a hongbao, inside there is a paper with a wish on it. The wish decided a related gift. This lottery made students excited and cheered.

What’s more, there are game and Chinese culture experiencing activity. The game called “You are my eyes”. Students worked in pairs to write the correct pinyin on the characters of “新“年”“快”乐”. The fastest group would be the winners. At last, students learned paper cutting. They chose papers in different colors to cut Chinese character “春(spring)”.They enjoyed a lot.

The activity was successfully held and the students also learned a lot of knowledge. The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China and also the specialist one. It shows excellent traditional cultures. Students expressed their like for this kind of activity and looked forward to more interesting lessons in the future. 

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