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A Chinese Public Class was Successfully Held in Daugavpils University

A Chinese Public Class was Successfully Held in Daugavpils University


当地时间1月11日下午1点,道加瓦皮尔斯大学成功举办了一堂主题为“趣味汉语”的公开课。道加瓦皮尔斯大学副校长Maijia Burima女士、两名汉语教师和35名来自当地不同高中的中学生们参加了本次公开课。

首先,Maijia Burima女士介绍了道加瓦皮尔斯大学孔子课堂和目前汉语课程设置的基本情况,并向在场的学生们简单介绍了两位汉语教师。其次,汉语教师刘晶铭播放了一段介绍中国的视频,让大家对中国有了初步的印象。随后教师进行汉语声调的讲解,并通过游戏让学生练习简单对话。接着,汉语教师王璐向学生展示数字1到10的汉字书写形式,利用图片讲授生动的象形字,教授不同国家、语言等汉语读音及汉字。公开课在学生学习外来词的欢乐气氛中结束了。最后,Maijia Burima鼓励大家学习汉语,提高外语技能,并向两位汉语教师表示了感谢。


At 1 pm local time on January 11th, Daugavpils University successfully held a public class with the theme of “Fun with Chinese Language”.Ms.Maijia Burima,the Vice President of the Daugavpils University,two Chinese teachers,and 35 middle school students from different high schools participated in this public class.

First of all, Ms.Maijia Burima introduced the basic situation of the Confucius Classroom and the current Chinese curriculum of Daugavpils University, and then briefly introduced the two Chinese teachers to the students.Secondly, Chinese teacher Liu Jingming played a video introducing China,giving everyone a preliminary impression of China.The teacher then explained the tones of the Chinese language, and let the students practice simple dialogues during the game.Next,Wang Lu, another Chinese teacher, showed students the written forms of Chinese characters from number 1 to 10,taught vivid pictographs using pictures,and taught Chinese pronunciation and Chinese characters about different countries and languages.The public class ended in a happy atmosphere in which students learned Chinese words originally from foreign areas.At last, Maijia Burima encouraged everyone to learn Chinese and improve their foreign language skills, and give the thankfulness to the two Chinese teachers.

This public class made students have a chance to touch Chinese language and understand it,learn basic Chinese knowledge,and deepen their understanding of China.


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