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“We All Love Chinese”-Chinese Game Competition for Adult Elementary Group of LUCI

“We All Love Chinese”-Chinese Game Competition for Adult Elementary Group of LUCI




From December 18th to 19th, local time, the Adult elementary group of LUCI launched a fun “We All Love Chinese ” Chinese game competition. Teachers and students learned and played together, and spent an unforgettable happy time together.

Volunteer Chinese teacher Zou Yaping designed the Chinese game competition into two major sections. The first major section is “brain games” and the second major section is “hands-on games”. Before the competition started, the students chose the team leader and decided the group by “drumming and passing flowers”. Then, the competition officially started. The “brain game” is divided into four links: “Pass the sound”, “Chinese character matching”, “Chinese culture Q&A” and “You perform I guess”, pass Chinese words, matching Chinese characters, and compete for Chinese Cultural knowledge questions, performance of guessing words and other interesting ways allow students to review the learned Chinese knowledge and learn new Chinese knowledge in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. The second major section of “hands-on games” is through a series of classic fun games to allow students to experience the “childhood memories” of Chinese people-“Pick up green beans with chopsticks”, “Play Ping pong”, “Shuttlecock kicking”…”The team members worked together and had fun. In the end, the winning team received beautiful Chinese paper cuts as prizes. Coinciding with Christmas, at the end of the class, the teacher gave each student an apple and tangerine with the beautiful meaning of “peace” and “lucky”, and presented Christmas greetings. The students were very happy and expressed great expectations for future Chinese courses.

The Chinese game competition responded very well, and students expressed that they like such kind of class activities. Through this activity, students not only gained new knowledge of Chinese, but also experienced fun Chinese games and felt the unique charm of Chinese.

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