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A Christmas Party Held by Confucius Classroom at Daugavpils University

A Christmas Party Held by Confucius Classroom at Daugavpils University




Local time at 17:30 on December 17th,the Confucius Classroom at Daugavpils University held a Christmas party.Two Chinese teachers and students from the first year and interesting groups at Daugavpils University participated in the event.

First of all, the teacher taught everyone to read out the four Chinese characters of “Merry Christmas” and sent holiday wishes.After a brief introduction,the students began to play the game of “grab the chairs” and soon became familiar with each other.Then it was the Ping-Pong Relay race,students had to compete in groups.At tea break, everyone enjoyed the food and took photos with the Christmas tree in turns.The students then were divided into two groups and played a game called “you play I guess” .The two groups of students went on stage to pick questions and perform. The lively performance caused applause and the atmosphere reached a climax.After the event, everyone took a group photo together.

This Christmas party event combines traditional Chinese games with Christmas Day,allowing students to experience the Christmas atmosphere in advance,while deepening their interest in learning Chinese.


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