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Chinese Painting Cultural Activity Successfully Held in Liepaja University

Chinese Painting Cultural Activity Successfully Held in Liepaja University




Local time in the evening of 6th of November in 2019, Chinese painting cultural activity was successfully held in room 325 of Liepaja University. The students of Chinese Class attended this activity. And the activity is led by the Chinese teacher volunteer Wu Shuyi.

In this cultural activity, the teacher first showed four treasure of study to students: brush pen, ink, paper and ink stone. Then introduced the origin and function of every treasure with the power point, explained the kind of Xuan paper and the difference between the raw Xuan paper and the processed, and compared the similarities and differences of the ancient writing tool in China and Latvia, which made students feel interesting. After that, the teacher asked what the brush pen can do except for writing. Everyone has his own idea, and all answers are various and amazing. The atmosphere was very active. So this question led to the theme, Chinese painting. This activity mainly introduced one kind of Chinese painting called Landscape painting. There are two kinds of Landscape painting: green-blue painting and ink-wash painting. The teacher introduced their features and showed some famous paintings and painters. At last, students tried to grind ink by themselves and learned to draw panda and bamboos with light ink and heavy ink. All put themselves into drawing, and required to lean to write their Chinese name with ink at the end of the activity.

This cultural activity was held successfully. It not only have chance for students to experience the charm of Chinese culture, but also made some students find a new hobby. They hoped to have their own four treasured of study. For the students, to join Chinese cultural activity is very important and meaningful. They expressed that they loved Chinese cultural activity and looked forward to the next activity.


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