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Chinese Cultural Exchange Activity Held Successfully in Jekabpils

Chinese Cultural Exchange Activity Held Successfully in Jekabpils


首先,叶卡布皮尔斯市Anta Klints女士向前来参加活动的汉语爱好者表示欢迎,并且介绍了与中国相关的书籍。随后,叶卡布皮尔斯中学Laima女士介绍了拉脱维亚大学孔子学院发展情况并且价绍目前学校汉语教学工作。




Local time at 17:30 on 24th October in Jekabpils, the Chinese Cultural Exchange Activity was held in the 212 conference room of the local city library. City librarians, city council members, teachers, students and other interested parties participated in the event.

First, Ms. Anta Klints, welcomed everyone’s arrival and introduced books related to China. Then, Ms. Laima of Jekabpils State Gymnasium introduced the development of Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia and introduced the Chinese classes.

Then, Ms. Liga, the member of the Jekabpils municipal council, shared her experiences and feelings about visiting China with the Latvian Education Mission in July this year, including the trip to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and the event arrangement at South China Normal University. In addition, Ms. Liga also elaborated on her personal insights into China’s urban and rural development, technological development, and the pressures of life and work for young people in China. Photo presentations and videos about Chinese cities have given listeners a deeper understanding of China today.

Finally, Wu Zhezhe, the volunteer Chinese teacher at Jekabpils State Gymnasium, began to make people know more about China’s education system from her own study and work experience, and then introduced the characteristics of Henan Province from the six aspects of geography, cuisine, famous tea, dialect, martial arts and Yu opera. In addition, through the matching interaction activities of pictures and Chinese characters, it effectively enhances the interest of Chinese character sage and learning, and helps the listeners overcome the fear of first exposure to Chinese. What’s more, the study of the Chinese character “qiu” once again stimulated everyone’s interest in Chinese.

Chinese Cultural Exchange Activity was held successfully in Jekabpils, which means that more people are willing to learn about China and Chinese. We hope that under the influence of Confucius Institute at University of Latvia, more and more people like Chinese and fall in love with China.



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