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“The Fifth Baltic Open Wushu Championship” opened in Riga,Latvia

“The Fifth Baltic Open Wushu Championship” opened in Riga,Latvia


欧洲武术联合会副主席、波罗的海武术联合会主席Gleb Muzruko肯定了武术交流对世界人文交流与合作所做的积极贡献,鼓励参赛选手本着“以武会友”的精神,赛出水平、赛出友谊,并对比赛的圆满举行表示由衷的祝愿。



On October 12, local time, “The Fifth Baltic Open Wushu Championship” opened in Riga, Latvia. The championship was organized by Latvian Sports Wushu Federation with a total of 176 martial arts athletes from Estonia, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia taking part in the competition.

Roman Vasenko and Viktorijia Vasenko, heads of Latvian Sports Wushu Federation; Shen Xiaokai, Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Latvia; Zhang Lili, Director of the Latvian Chinese Cultural Center; Shang Quanyu, Chinese director of Confucius Institute at University of Latvia; Chinese Wushu volunteer Li Jinhao and other Chinese teacher volunteers and people from all walks of life attended the opening ceremony.

The Vice President of the European Wushu Kungfu Federation and The President of the Baltic Wushu Federation Gleb Muzruko affirmed the positive contribution of martial arts exchanges to people-to-people exchanges and cooperation in the world. Contestants are encouraged to compete in the spirit of “friends with martial arts”, to show their skills and friendship, and to express their sincere wishes for the successful holding of the competition.

At the opening ceremony, at first the host introduces the participating teams and referees from the six countries; then each martial arts team presents a brilliant martial arts performance for the audiences.

The lion dance performance from Riga Wushu Kungfu Sports School shows the “dragon and lion spirit” of China; Taiji performance is elegant and masculine;Sword and spear performance is gripping and each move demonstrates the charm of martial arts. Finally, the guests present awards to the contestants, and the competition continues.

This activity is beneficial to promote the development of martial arts in Latvia, to improve the martial arts skills of the students, to provide an opportunity for various martial arts clubs to exchange experiences, and to provide a platform for Chinese martial arts to go abroad and carry forward so that people from different parts of the world have a deeper understanding of Chinese martial arts.

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