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Mid-Autumn Festival Activity has been hold in the first Chinese Class in Liepaja University

Mid-Autumn Festival Activity has been hold in the first Chinese Class in Liepaja University




It is mid-autumn now in Latvia. The first Chinese Class has been started in Liepaja University. In order to let students know more about Chinese culture, Chinese teacher volunteer Wu Shuyi hold a cultural activity of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival at local time 7th and 8th of October in Liepaja University.


The activity started after everyone’s self-introduction and warm welcome. First of all, Chinese teacher began the activity from the meaning of moon, which made students realize that moon represents reunion and happiness to Chinese. All students are interested for that. Then, the teacher show some fairy tales such as Houyi Shots the Suns and Chang’e goes to the Moon by texts and cartoons, so as to know the origin and custom of Mid-Autumn Festival. Meanwhile, the teacher emphasized the activities and food, especially the mooncake. Besides, students learned to sing a Chinese song The Moon Represents My Heart and made Chinese lanterns to celebrate this festival. At last, the teacher provided some mooncakes for students to taste which made them surprised. After class, students took a video to wish everyone happy mid-autumn festival with the mooncake and lanterns. They feel so proud of themselves. This is the first Chinese class in Liepaja University, with happiness and much fun.


Actually, the first Chinese class plays an important role. This cultural activity, not only boosts the relationship between the teacher and students to improve Chinese teaching in the future, but also have students learned a lot. They understood the significance of Mid-Autumn Festival, learned to sing a Chinese song, made Chinese lanterns and express wishes in Chinese. All students gave great comments on this activity and hope to join more Chinese cultural activity for better understanding of China.

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