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Confucius Institute at University of Latvia successfully held a Chinese language training seminar

Confucius Institute at University of Latvia successfully held a Chinese language training seminar




At 10:00 am local time on October 5, 2019, to strengthen the exchanges between Chinese teachers and improve the teaching level and classroom efficiency of teachers, the Confucius Institute at University of Latvia conducted a Chinese teaching seminar. The event was lectured by the Confucius Institute’s primary school class teacher Ma Xiaoxiao. All Chinese teachers and volunteers from the Confucius Institute participated in the event.

First of all, Ma Xiaoxiao introduced the theme of the event and conducted teaching discussions following the idea of ​​“discovering problems – finding reasons – solving problems”. Then, each teacher gave a brief description of the students and the classroom situation of their respective teaching points, collected the statistical analysis of the proposed teaching and student problems, and discussed them one by one to find a solution. Finally, Ma Xiaoxiao combined with classroom activities, let the teachers experience the rich and colorful language teaching, encourage teachers to explore a variety of interesting teaching methods, and improve students’ enthusiasm for learning.

Through this teaching and research activity, the exchanges and cooperation between teachers have been strengthened, and a good learning atmosphere of mutual learning and mutual help has been formed. It has not only promoted Chinese teachers’ understanding of Latvian native Chinese teaching but also optimized Chinese teaching mode for the future.

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