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Riga Daugavgriva Secondary School celebrates China’s 70th birthday

Riga Daugavgriva Secondary School celebrates China’s 70th birthday




October 1, 2019, is the 70th birthday of our great motherland—China. Students in Chinese class at Riga Daugavgriva Secondary School, organized by Ms. Hu Jing and Ms. Jeļena Židkova, offered special wishes for China’s 70th birthday.

In today’s Chinese class, students enjoyed a unique cultural activity. In the Chinese class of the third and tenth grade, the teacher first divided the students into three groups, each of which was responsible for writing two Chinese characters: “中国”, “生日” and “快乐”. The students in each group were creative and drew or wrote down their blessings to China on paper. After the completion of the work, the students held the work in hand and took pictures with the teacher as a souvenir.

In this October, let us wish the great motherland a happy 70th birthday! May the friendship between China and Latvia last forever!

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