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The Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia was Successfully Held the First Confucius Institute Four-week Scholarship Project in South China Normal University

The Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia was Successfully Held the First Confucius Institute Four-week Scholarship Project in South China Normal University






From July 15 to August 11, 2018, the first Confucius Institute Four-week Scholarship Program of LUCI was successfully held in the College of International Culture of South China Normal University. Dean of College of International Culture, Dr. Zuo Pengjun, office director Mr. Dai Xiangbin, the scholarship winners from LUCI and overseas students from France, Korea and Vietnam attended the opening and closing ceremony of the camp.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Dai Xiangbin expressed a warm welcome to the students on behalf of the university, thanked the teachers and staff who stayed on duty during the holiday, and express best wishes for the project. After that, the Latvian student representative expressed his excitement, hoped to benefit from the project and feel the charm of Chinese and Chinese culture.

At the closing ceremony, Dr. Zuo Pengjun congratulated the students on their graduation, as well as their rejoicing at the Chinese knowledge gained and the spirit of Chinese culture experienced, and hoped that the students would “come back often” to experience more charm of Chinese and Chinese culture. The students said that they had gained a lot during these four weeks. Nova, a senior student in high school from the Confucius Class at Latvia Rezekane University, said “I want to say thank you for this opportunity to study in China for one month and get a lot of useful knowledge! Now, I’m sure that SCNU is the place where I want get a higher education.”

During the four-week study, the students not only learned the rich knowledge of the Chinese language and culture, but also visited the Huangpu ancient port, Huangpu Military Academy, Guangdong Provincial Museum, Art Museum, Lizhiwan, Beijing Road and other special tourist attractions. At the same time, they observed, experienced, tasted, appreciated the moving place of Lingnan culture and Chinese culture, understood Chinese politics, economic development and people’s livelihood, folk custom,etc. Meanwhile, they studied a series Chinese traditional arts of calligraphy, paper-cut, martial arts and other related courses.

The charming scenery of Lingnan area, the convenient transportation and shopping environment in Guangzhou, the warm and friendly campus environment of South China Normal University make the students too delight to homesick. This summer camp must be an unforgettable and precious experience in their life.




















































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