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Latvian students attending the tenth Chinese Bridge Competition for teenagers in China

Latvian students attending the tenth Chinese Bridge Competition for teenagers in China




Beijing time 13th October, 2017, two winners of Chinese Bridge Competition for teenagers in Latvia division Bei Naxi, Di Anna and leading teacher Dong Fang came to China,and participated in the tenth “Chinese Bridge” Competition, which was held in Beijing and Kunming, and would last for 16 days. This Competition was sponsored by the headquarters of Confucius Institute (Hanban) and the people’s Government of Yunnan Province, and was undertaken by the Yunnan Provincial Education Department, Yunnan Normal University and Yunnan radio and TV station. 320 teachers and students from 96 countries and 110 divisions gathered in Beijing, with the ideal of “Competing with learning,teaching with entertaining”, started the journey of Chinese culture together.

On the 14th and 15th of October, contestants and leading teacher visited the headquarters of the Confucius Institute in Beijing and experienced a lot of Chinese culture. The next day, they flew to another city Kunming. On the 17th October, the event officially started. The first competition is written examination about Chinese language and knowledge. The following two days were speech and talent competition. Latvian contestant Diana spent two months making a video animation based on her own understanding of Chinese song “blue and white porcelain”. During the talent competition, in the “blue and white” animation background,another Latvian contestant Bei Naxi sang the song “blue and white porcelain”, and it really brought a different kind of audio-visual experience for both judges and audience. Although these two contestants eventually missed the top 20, but their unique talent show made a deep impression on everyone .

“Chinese Bridge” constructs bridge of language and culture between China and the world, those bridges provided Chinese learners opportunities of coming to China, showing what they have learned and experiencing Chinese culture in person. Last year is the 25th anniversary of Establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Latvia. Nowadays, the number of Chinese learners in Latvia is increasing rapidly every year, and the number of Chinese Bridge competitors is rising as well. “Chinese Bridge” plays an extremely important role in stimulating Latvian people’s enthusiasm for learning Chinese, and even cultivating high-level Chinese talents for the society.









































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